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Monday, June 06, 2005

Who's a play-ah?

So I recently wrote about the Girls’ Rules For Dating More Than One Person At A Timerules for girls, by girls. I’ve been working to fulfill my promise of researching the man’s perspective and so far, I’ve found out the following:

Firstly: I was wrong about my definition of a player (play-ah)… I thought a player was someone who dated a lot – the four men I consulted each said that a player is someone that sleeps around. Fine… clearly I have to stop using that word so often…

Secondly: There don’t seem to be any rules for guys… I was out with a bunch of guys on Friday night and told them our rules, then asked about theirs… the answer was that they don’t have any. Is this true or was I just talking to a bunch of players???

I think I’ll continue my research because I’m a bit disappointed with my findings to date…

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