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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OMG, I was crabby yesterday....

There was really no defining moment for when my day went from okay to super crabby. Nothing went wrong… in fact, work wise, it was a good day. I just think a bunch of tiny things added up throughout the day to push me into “I can’t stand myself today” mode.

The world is definitely conspiring to push me the other way today… I saw THE hottest guy out running with no shirt this morning (I actually hit my brakes and gawked a bit, much to the dismay of Mr. BMW behind me). Oh man, he had underwear model abs… okay, okay, I’m pulling myself together now… then it was fireman buffet in my work hood – they were out cleaning their firetrucks… yeah, again with the no shirts… Puh-lease this is like girl kryptonite! The only thing that gets me any hotter is a clean-cut guy in a metro suit. I think we ALL saw how I react to that (shut it, Out of Africa (OOF) – but don’t worry, he’s dead to me!!! Still!!). I have high hopes for today – shopping for a new suit ALWAYS cheers me up.

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