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Monday, June 06, 2005

Live To Tell

I totally thought I knew what I was writing about today until I opened my apartment door, looked down and saw the headline on the cover of the Toronto Star (www.torontostar.com). “Ebola Vaccine Breakthrough!” screams the title. I laughed out loud.

Anyhow, the article immediately called to mind something that I’ve been thinking about for some time – I’ve been back in the dating world now for what… six months? I’ve had a lot of fun – and still am… oh the stories! But the trepidation that I felt going back out there after the Ebola breakup… well, it’s gone. Perhaps it’s the way I’ve approached it – dating, instead being the relationship girl that I’ve always been in the past. It must be the total lack of pressure of dating people for the pleasure of getting to know them instead of the East Coast dating ritual of vetting for marriage(‘cause that’s worked SO well for me in the past!) In any case, the new me, the New Year’s Resolution me, the (dare I say it) single and fabulous dating me seems to have successfully survived Ebolano vaccine required…

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