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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In Miscellaneous News...

So I cried a bit this week (what is this liquid coming from my eyes… it burns!!! It burns!!!); sad because my precious freedom is about to go on hiatus. Don’t know about the rest of you… but I live by myself. Granted it feels a bit like a dorm at times, what with the common room, the rooftop patio and the exercise room (where is the GD cafeteria I’d like to know…), but when I go to bed at night, it’s just me. That is about to change. The Cat Lady (my sister, the vet assistant) is coming to live with me for a month(s). Her condo is on the market, she’s got her internship lined up, she’s bought her plane ticket. GULP. I’m suddenly unable to breathe.

I’ve lived by myself for a long time… say 4 years? Does that sound right? And I LOVE it. LOVE! I want to marry living on my own. (hun?) Anyhow, Sis and I had the “laying down the rules” chat and agreed that my couch will be her home until September. After which she’ll find a place nearby. Now that part I’m excited about! I think I’ll love having her here. She’s a really fun person to just hang with. I’m just not that friendly in the morning, or afternoon, early or late evening… meh, ever.

LOVE, love, love the post on That Girl’s site… I officially have my first stalker… Enjoy NYC and let me know when you’re really ready to have fun… TO is the most fun EVER. That’s right… EVER. I’ve been here a year and I’ve already convinced two people to move here… still working on SJ Flames – you will bend to my will!!

Welcome, welcome Dose readers that click through from Greektown’s blog… look for our “exclusive coverage” of the MMVAs (Much Music Video Awards) on Sunday night. We have our bracelets (don’t EVEN get me started on our 4 hour wait in melting hot weather Saturday for these GD things!!!). If there are celebrities involved, there will be some entertaining stories… I’ll try not to:

scream anyone’s name directly to them
B: insult anyone
C: threaten to put them in my pocket (except K-OS, ‘cause I think he’d fit).

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