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Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm still laughing...

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…
Absolutely the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a LONG time… Greektown and I hit the Dears show at the Phoenix on Friday night – part of the NXNE series. The show was AMAZING, but like the Proud Mary at the Martha Wainwright show, somewhat trumped by other goings-on. Well, at least in this case, the hilarity took place AFTER the show, so our enjoyment of the Dears was uninterrupted.

Greektown and I head downstairs after the show to meet up with friends – we walk up and are told that K-OS is standing a few feet away… high pitched screaming ensues… some heavy breathing… have I mentioned the fact that despite having hung out with the band multiple times, including on the tour bus – we’ve never actually met the man himself… so Greektown and I pull ourselves together and walk over. OMG, I’m giddy just thinking about it! I am absolutely the coolest EVER as I walk up to him and touch his shoulder. He turns around and I (can’t emphasize the coolness factor enough – you all know I’m an IDIOT around celebrities…) very calmly say “hi, we’re big fans – we saw you at Coachella.” Introductions followed. Then he asks what other shows we’re seeing Friday night – I say Wolf Parade… he suggests Tangiers, whereupon I get to say “oh, they’re opening for Wolf Parade so we’ll be there for Tangiers as well.” OMG, I’m so the coolest ever!!

So fine, terrific K-OS encounter with no screaming (B/E/G) or drooling zombie behavior (Greektown). Unfortunately not everyone was cool around K-OS on Friday night… we’re standing outside the Phoenix, making a plan for the rest of the night when we see K-OS, talking on a cell phone, walk out of the club and head over to a cab. Did I mention that K-OS is teeny tiny (and I could put him in my pocket)? Anyhow, he’s just sliding into the cab and getting ready to shut the door when this really tall white guy runs up to him yelling “hey, where are you going? Are you going downtown?K-OS, pulling the door shut, or trying to – white dude was holding it open at this point – says “yeah, I’m going downtown.” White dude is like “Can we share the cab?K-OS wrestles the door from him, slams it shut and says “NO” while rolling up the window…

Picture it… black guy rolling up the window and locking the door on giant white guy. Basically K-OS was me last Friday night, running out of Lee’s Palace, jumping in a cab and yelling “drive!!” while I lock the door and roll up the window… also running away from a giant white guy… hmmm.

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