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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm an I-Y...

That’s right – another label for me to sport proudly… I’m an idie-yuppie. I was completely taken in by the article in this week’s Toronto Star entitled “Following the indie-yuppie herd,” written by Dana Brown. The article describes 9-5 big business yuppies that blog, have separation anxiety from their iPods, and “hit(s) the coolest concerts in town.” It’s me!

I’ve frequently heard the comment “If you like the concert / nightlife / writing thing so much, why don’t you find a career in that industry…” My answer has always been that I really like what I do! I enjoy the corporate world where my competitive nature is celebrated, where upward mobility is “corporate cool” and most importantly, it’s the stable part of my life – I show up around 8:30 and leave around 4:30 and make enough money to fund all of the trendy “indie” stuff that I love so much. I like to think that I have the very best of both worlds.

The new moniker really clicked when I read this…
"We've noticed a shift in that people are taking time off to go to music festivals ... or coming in a little late because they've gone to a show and it's not a big deal,… but there's no denying the divide between the up-and-coming hipster crowd and the daytime responsibilities of the I-Y sect. "There's lots of shows on school nights," she (Robin Paton) jokes. "The people who are not the 9-to-5 workers ... party until it's late, until the bar is closed and the rest of us are going `You know, I have to get up at 9 or I have to be at work at 8:30 so I have to go home. This is fun, but I have to be a grown-up now.'"

There’s a very amusing message board of “you know you’re an indie-yuppie when” on www.stereogum.com. I love it!

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