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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I want another heart attack... attack... attack...

(sung to the tune of the Hidden Cameras "I Want Another Enema")
I should just stop putting money into my RRSPs and use the money to finance trips around the world. I have so far been wildly unsuccessful in my attempts to change my lifestyle to be more cholesterol friendly. My so-called “grieving period” for my lost youth and eating freedom has turned into a full-blown nutritional rebellion. To quote Greektown as I shoved poutine in my mouth… “I think you’ve been eating worse lately!

On Sunday (pre-MMVA) Greektown and I went to Fran’s where I demolished three giant banana pancakes with 6 packs of butter and half a bottle of syrup. Can’t you just feel my heart slowing down??? I’m back to my old habits of French fries (and gravy) three times a week at lunch. I’m not even making the attempt to go half salad/half fries. It’s ALL fries. Oh and what about poutine at 3 in the morning…

I have made the rather weak attempt to make slight modifications – I’ve been using Omega 3 margarine (sometimes) and those Omega 3 eggs aren’t bad at all. I haven’t even dared to set foot in Noah’s for fear that they’ll sense my non-commitment to bettering my eating habits…

I figure this rebellion will run its course. I never did have the typical teenaged angst turn-against-your-parents thing… maybe this is it. Or maybe eating better will be next year’s New Year’s resolution. In the interim, let’s hope my doctor doesn’t do any more blood tests… I’d hate to have my cholesterol be WORSE!

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