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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Golf and the art of doing the shoulder (shoulder, shoulder...)

So I have a number of running injuries right now – my knee is kind of screwed up, my neck is pretty bad, but what is really bothering me is my shoulder… and not for the reason you’d expect…

My new “move” is the shoulder… it involves me looking suggestively over my right shoulder while I wiggle it up and down, usually while saying “shoulder, shoulder.” It’s quite something… It started with firemen… my shoulder just kind of did the move on it’s own… (I LOVE firemen)… and now it’s out of control – I’ve done it for TV crews, baseball players (Derek Jeter!) and most recently for every hot guy at the two golf tournaments I played in last week. I’m sure there are a dozen photos of me doing the shoulder…

It may have been too much for one guy – one of my co-workers introduced me to an alright looking guy wearing the TIGHTEST golf shirt ever… Right off the bat he asks for my phone number… I reply “Not so fast... show me what you’ve got first!” His response – he does the dancing pecs move. Yikes!! He follows that up with: “Did it hurt?B/E/G: “Did what hurt?” “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Then he looks at the tag in my shirt… “Just what I thought; made in heaven.” I think I passed out from laughing at this point. Thank you very much, cheesiest pick-up lines EVER.

Gotta tame the shoulder down – clearly not everyone can handle it!

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