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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Boys Are the New Girls... Big City Dating?

So here it is, my latest revelation – boys are the new girls. Details are still being figured out – several more hilarious conversations with Greektown ought to do it, but really, I think this is a gem…

So I’ve been dating a bit, hanging with all kinds of different people of late. For the most part I’ve discovered that I’m not terribly well equipped to deal with this new breed of men that I seem to have stumbled upon – the boys who act like girls. Now it’s not any kind of trans-gendered thing… just that where girls are usually typecast as the emotional / form-a-bond-too-quickly / invent-a-relationship types, it seems some of the guys I’ve dated (ever so briefly in some cases) have adopted some of those traits.

I’m really working hard to figure this out. So far in recent months I’ve had several experiences where guys have gotten quite mad at me because I’m unwilling to take the “relationship” (a few dates HARDLY qualifies as a relationship in my opinion, but clearly the boy consensus disagrees) to the next level (ie: exclusivity). And… we’re fighting…. And we’re broken up.

I don’t get it. I though guys all wanted to date casually. Since when is everyone looking to be serious???! Maybe it’s a big city thing… out East, most women want to get married and have children. Here – most of the women I know (around 30 years old) are only starting to head down that road in their thoughts… Maybe guys are reacting to their environments… out East – they’re commitment-phobes because the pressure is there to settle down. Here there’s no pressure. Hmmm, maybe we are all alike – we all want what we can’t have…

Luckily it’s not all guys that are this crazy, otherwise I’d be hustling down to Love Craft to re-invest… (or RE-re-invest… “ohhh, you brrroke it!!! Put a weee tiny neck brrrace on it!”). Thankfully, I can still sleep at night knowing I’m not the only commitment-phobe left on the dating scene. Speaking of sleeping… I could use a nap right about now…

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