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Thursday, June 30, 2005

All You Need To Know About... Unleashed

Movie: Unleashed
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writer: Luc Besson
Distributor: Rogue Pictures
Website: http://www.unleashedmovie.com/
Jet Li: Danny
Morgan Freeman: Sam
Bob Hoskins: Bart
Kerry Condon: Victoria

Plot: A man, raised into behaving like a dog, escapes from his captor to start a new life, who seeks to reclaim him because of his unnatural martial arts skills that are triggered when unleashed.

Comments: I know, you’re thinking, this doesn’t seem like her kind of movie… No, this was not my pick! But I feel duty bound to review it, for that exact reason.

The movie is a typical action movie, infused with a few moments of warmth and even a bit of comedy, thanks to Sam (Morgan Freeman). As an action film, the story line was certainly decent… the fight scenes were artfully shot (wait now, it’s no Matrix!), and though the violence is virtually constant, there are no “bone crunching moments” (or maybe I just didn’t hear them over the crunch of popcorn?). So this was definitely a tolerable action film. There was some lovely cinematography and lighting effects and some decent character development. The ending however… I actually turned to my friend and asked “is that it?” Overall, if you’re into this kind of film, it’s not bad.

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