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Thursday, June 30, 2005

All You Need To Know About... Crash

Movie: Crash
Director: Paul Haggis
Writer: Paul Haggis
Distributor: Lions Gate Films
Website: http://www.crashfilm.com/

Sandra Bullock: Jean
Don Cheadle: Graham
Matt Dillon: Officer Ryan
Jennifer Esposito: Ria
William Fichtner: Flanagan
Brendan Fraser: Rick
Terrence Howard: Cameron
Chris “Ludacris” Bridges: Anthony
Thandie Newton: Christine
Ryan Phillippe: Officer Hansen
Larenz Tate: Peter
Michael Pena: Daniel

Plot: A Brentwood housewife and her DA husband. A Persian store owner. Two police detectives who are also lovers. A black television director and his wife. A Mexican locksmith. Two car-jackers. A rookie cop. A middle-aged Korean couple... They all live in Los Angeles. And in the next 36 hours, they will all collide...

Comments: I saw this movie over a month ago and it still haunts me. A friend made a comment a few days ago about people feeling connected / disconnected and this movie popped into my head. I was driving to work and someone cut me off and the movie came to mind. Even walking down the street in downtown TO, elements of this movie crop up.

Written and directed by Million Dollar Baby’s Paul Haggis, this movie is a heart-rending story about racism, hate, loneliness and hope. There is so much abject hatred – sometimes tied to racism – that it takes your breath away. Moments like when Jean (Sandra Bullock) and husband Rick (Brendan Fraser) are walking down the sidewalk in an affluent area of town and she links her arm through her husband’s when passing two black men, (Anthony, played by Ludacris and Peter, played by Larenz Tate) only to get car-jacked by them moments later… when all the while the film is cutting to Anthony’s reaction to Jean – complaining to Peter about how black men get treated in that area of town… it’s incredibly well crafted.

There are minor miracles in the film and irony upon irony… even when someone is achingly trying to do the right thing, societal perceptions are so ingrained that the predictable inevitably happens. What struck me in all this was not the fact that some characters failed to do the “right thing” but that they tried… the characters all seemed to FEEL. The emotion dripped from the screen and seemed to infuse me with thoughts that still linger. This is without question, a must see.

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All You Need To Know About... Unleashed

Movie: Unleashed
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writer: Luc Besson
Distributor: Rogue Pictures
Website: http://www.unleashedmovie.com/
Jet Li: Danny
Morgan Freeman: Sam
Bob Hoskins: Bart
Kerry Condon: Victoria

Plot: A man, raised into behaving like a dog, escapes from his captor to start a new life, who seeks to reclaim him because of his unnatural martial arts skills that are triggered when unleashed.

Comments: I know, you’re thinking, this doesn’t seem like her kind of movie… No, this was not my pick! But I feel duty bound to review it, for that exact reason.

The movie is a typical action movie, infused with a few moments of warmth and even a bit of comedy, thanks to Sam (Morgan Freeman). As an action film, the story line was certainly decent… the fight scenes were artfully shot (wait now, it’s no Matrix!), and though the violence is virtually constant, there are no “bone crunching moments” (or maybe I just didn’t hear them over the crunch of popcorn?). So this was definitely a tolerable action film. There was some lovely cinematography and lighting effects and some decent character development. The ending however… I actually turned to my friend and asked “is that it?” Overall, if you’re into this kind of film, it’s not bad.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Morning in the Empire...

Did you hear the news? Homosexuals can now marry in New Brunswick. I'm officially screwed now. I always had the law to fall back on as my excuse for not settling down. I had it made. So congrats, you're no longer the only member of the "Marriage Sucks Club". Can't wait for the club TShirt to roll out.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Welcome to the club!!! We’re officially spinsters!!! Tee hee! Who’s doing the design for the club t-shirt? Not me, I hope. I draw like a kindergartner. I also eat the crayons.

Also important to note regarding weddings… I want to be a flowergirl from now on. None of this Master of Ceremonies / bridesmaid business for me anymore – I want to walk down the aisle throwing flower petals. And pinecones at the people I don’t like. I think we should invite Ebola just so I can throw a pinecone at him. Ping! With my luck it’ll get lodged in his over-styled hair. Not bitter. I see a real opportunity for this at the Bride’s wedding reception next summer. Sure, I won’t go to Africa, but I’ll definitely hang in Niagara-on-the-Lake and throw pinecones at Ebola’s head. THAT I can get behind.

The photo of me with the tiara is maybe my new favorite of myself. I should use it on my business card from now on.

Hmmm, maybe the club should give out t-shirts and pinecone air rifles, if that's not an incentive I don't know what is...

I showed some people here the pics, and they were asking why a tiara? I was like,
"Ah, WHAT?! You can't have a party without a tiara, you dirty savages!" I don't think they liked the dirty savages part, but it was appropriate though.

Well, if I get married (Oh, that's laughable), you will not be the flower lady (with LADIES) or the Master of Ceremonies / Groomsmaid BUT (you pumped for this?!) the
Designated Drunk. I would need you to be the drunk that badgers all the people I hate that I would be forced to invite... Ridicule the ugly people until they develop an eating disorder... Fire off pinecones at any Ebolas (real or fictional)...

As for the business card, I LOVE THE IDEA! DO IT UP! Then again, we may end up finding your business card pinned up on bathroom stall walls.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

So you think I'm a big beeyatch now...

So I’m heading to the East Coast next week – meetings at head office and a few vacation days. I haven’t been back since January. I’m very pumped about seeing my family, hanging with SJ Flames (and meeting the new man – I love that you’re bringing your new BF to meet your Fag Hag), eating GARLIC FINGERS and DONAIRS and playing a bit of golf.

One of the highlights of my trip (apart from the garlic fingers and donairs, which I plan to pick up on the way to my mothers from the airport…) is spending Thursday with my grandmother (Memere). She and I have been quite close for years, and when I was living back East, I would take her out for lunch once a month and then we’d go shopping. If ever you’ve wondered where I got my fashion critiquing skills / bitchy attitude from, look no further. Please allow me to demonstrate – oh, and didn’t I mention she’s quite deaf? (she used to wear hearing aids, but after wearing them in the shower, dropping one in her coffee (??) and stepping on another, gave up on them altogether. “I don’t need them,” she says… What???) So everything she says is several decibels louder than normal – shouting, really.

Scene: Fabricville store, facing a rather large woman barreling towards us with an armload of material.
Memere: Look at that woman… doesn’t she know that her stomach is hanging out of the bottom of her blouse? Someone should tell her she shouldn’t dress like that. Tsk, tsk.

Scene: favorite fancy pasta restaurant, very intimate and QUIET, downtown.
Memere: Look at that couple. She looks lovely, wearing a nice dress and he looks like a bum. Why is he wearing jeans at a nice restaurant like this? Why do you think she’s with him?

Scene: learning seminar at the regional hospital. I occasionally take my grandmother to these – she’s a former nurse and has an interest in these things. We show up and grab seats in the front row. So, there we are, and the woman giving the seminar is getting her papers together at the podium in front of us.
Memere: why is she wearing those pants?? Her underwear is far too tight, it looks like she has an innertube around her waist? Those pants are really unflattering… don’t you think she looks terrible?
Please bear in mind that the woman is about three feet away and my grandmother is shouting because she’s deaf… yikes.

It never fails that my grandmother comes up with some kind of gem (like the time she told me she thought SJ Flames was (mouthing the word) “gay” – you know, just in case I didn’t know…). I can’t even wait – you thought I was a big beeyatch before – just wait until I spend another day with her!!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OMG, I was crabby yesterday....

There was really no defining moment for when my day went from okay to super crabby. Nothing went wrong… in fact, work wise, it was a good day. I just think a bunch of tiny things added up throughout the day to push me into “I can’t stand myself today” mode.

The world is definitely conspiring to push me the other way today… I saw THE hottest guy out running with no shirt this morning (I actually hit my brakes and gawked a bit, much to the dismay of Mr. BMW behind me). Oh man, he had underwear model abs… okay, okay, I’m pulling myself together now… then it was fireman buffet in my work hood – they were out cleaning their firetrucks… yeah, again with the no shirts… Puh-lease this is like girl kryptonite! The only thing that gets me any hotter is a clean-cut guy in a metro suit. I think we ALL saw how I react to that (shut it, Out of Africa (OOF) – but don’t worry, he’s dead to me!!! Still!!). I have high hopes for today – shopping for a new suit ALWAYS cheers me up.

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Boys Are the New Girls... Big City Dating?

So here it is, my latest revelation – boys are the new girls. Details are still being figured out – several more hilarious conversations with Greektown ought to do it, but really, I think this is a gem…

So I’ve been dating a bit, hanging with all kinds of different people of late. For the most part I’ve discovered that I’m not terribly well equipped to deal with this new breed of men that I seem to have stumbled upon – the boys who act like girls. Now it’s not any kind of trans-gendered thing… just that where girls are usually typecast as the emotional / form-a-bond-too-quickly / invent-a-relationship types, it seems some of the guys I’ve dated (ever so briefly in some cases) have adopted some of those traits.

I’m really working hard to figure this out. So far in recent months I’ve had several experiences where guys have gotten quite mad at me because I’m unwilling to take the “relationship” (a few dates HARDLY qualifies as a relationship in my opinion, but clearly the boy consensus disagrees) to the next level (ie: exclusivity). And… we’re fighting…. And we’re broken up.

I don’t get it. I though guys all wanted to date casually. Since when is everyone looking to be serious???! Maybe it’s a big city thing… out East, most women want to get married and have children. Here – most of the women I know (around 30 years old) are only starting to head down that road in their thoughts… Maybe guys are reacting to their environments… out East – they’re commitment-phobes because the pressure is there to settle down. Here there’s no pressure. Hmmm, maybe we are all alike – we all want what we can’t have…

Luckily it’s not all guys that are this crazy, otherwise I’d be hustling down to Love Craft to re-invest… (or RE-re-invest… “ohhh, you brrroke it!!! Put a weee tiny neck brrrace on it!”). Thankfully, I can still sleep at night knowing I’m not the only commitment-phobe left on the dating scene. Speaking of sleeping… I could use a nap right about now…

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I want another heart attack... attack... attack...

(sung to the tune of the Hidden Cameras "I Want Another Enema")
I should just stop putting money into my RRSPs and use the money to finance trips around the world. I have so far been wildly unsuccessful in my attempts to change my lifestyle to be more cholesterol friendly. My so-called “grieving period” for my lost youth and eating freedom has turned into a full-blown nutritional rebellion. To quote Greektown as I shoved poutine in my mouth… “I think you’ve been eating worse lately!

On Sunday (pre-MMVA) Greektown and I went to Fran’s where I demolished three giant banana pancakes with 6 packs of butter and half a bottle of syrup. Can’t you just feel my heart slowing down??? I’m back to my old habits of French fries (and gravy) three times a week at lunch. I’m not even making the attempt to go half salad/half fries. It’s ALL fries. Oh and what about poutine at 3 in the morning…

I have made the rather weak attempt to make slight modifications – I’ve been using Omega 3 margarine (sometimes) and those Omega 3 eggs aren’t bad at all. I haven’t even dared to set foot in Noah’s for fear that they’ll sense my non-commitment to bettering my eating habits…

I figure this rebellion will run its course. I never did have the typical teenaged angst turn-against-your-parents thing… maybe this is it. Or maybe eating better will be next year’s New Year’s resolution. In the interim, let’s hope my doctor doesn’t do any more blood tests… I’d hate to have my cholesterol be WORSE!

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I'm a STAR!

I am so famous…
Yes indeed, I am on the Star TV MMVA Show… dancing next to the host (hereby known as white blazer dude) during the Killers segment. At one point I’m even doing the “I’m so hot I have to fan myself” move. I wonder if this counts as an acting credit??? 601?? Check it out…

Star! at the MMVA's 2005 (PG)[CC](rpt)

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Monday, June 20, 2005

MMVAs - the end

OMG - I'm going to be on at least two other shows tomorrow - the Star TV guy caught Greektown and I singing along to the Killers - who, for once - were pretty damn good.

I think that I lost some of my permanent hearing from the teen set screaming, but otherwise a very, very good night. And I only bugged Greektown three times with erroneous Bruce Willis sightings... *sigh* I love Bruce Willis. Anyhow... Love, love, LOVE the Arcade Fire - still my current favorites...

Such a great night! Watch for me on the show... Right side of the Black Eyed Peas / Billy Talent stage... Turquoise sweater... singing along to EVERY song!

sent from my BlackBerry.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

MMVA - part 4

Almost done... Ashley is up next and we just watched K-OS via the
jumbo-tron... Sad because we're fighting - oh wait, broken up...

Okay - I just did the shoulder for the City TV crew filming directly behind
me... How embarrassing - we're both wearing wifebeaters...

Sadly - Ashley Simpson just cannot sing... I'd actually rather listen to the
pre-teens scream. There had better be another occasion to shoulder

sent from my BlackBerry.

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MMVA - part 3

I just screamed like a ten year old at the Backstreet Boys... That was after
I yelled at a ten year old to stop touching my ass and before I walked up to
within a foot of Ashley Simpson to take a photo...

Love the MMVAs!
sent from my BlackBerry.

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MMVA - part 2

Alright, I'm somewhat appeased. The pre-teen scream set are gone and somehow we got ushered to a prime stage side view... Right beside the fence that separates us from the VIP section... Hello tall Arcade Fire dude and Ben Mulroney (and all the judges from Canadian Idol).

This is going to be a fun night after all - even if I am fighting with /(wait for it...) broken up with guitar dude... Who needs to be backstage with this set-up?!

sent from my BlackBerry.

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MMVA blow-by-blow Part 1

Guitar dude hates me.... First celebrity encounter does not go well...
Things hopefully get better.

Might kill the teenagers in front of us - it's never good when one of their
own sssshhhhes another.
sent from my BlackBerry.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm a big baby...

So I recently bought two new pairs of sneakers… New Balance 680s and a pair of Asics Gels. I was very reluctant to buy new sneakers because I LOVE my old ones (Asics Gel Kayanos) and because they cost as much as my leather coat. We (my running group, Jeans Marines) have been hiking up our kilometers of late – 13kms, 16 kms next week – the old ones just have to be retired. The problem I have is that both of my new pairs of sneakers have been screwing with my knee. I go out, run in the new sneakers and end up limping for days. I put the old ones on, and I’m fine. Boo hiss!

So yesterday, despite still having a bit of knee tenderness, I decided to hit Queens Park for a short run. My original intention was to go up on the roof and use the cross trainer (no impact), but it was so damn gorgeous out (gorgeous for a runner means imminent rain and cold wind) that I decided I’d try the park for a few laps in my old sneakers and see how the knee held up. I did about four laps before my knee seemed to settle down. As I was running, I kept telling myself – just another 10 and 1… then I’ll stop. My plan to run 6 km turned into what I’m guessing is about 13 or 14 kilometers… I just felt so damn good that I couldn’t stop. In the end the only reason I left the park was because a homeless man kept jumping into the trail from behind trees and I knew it was just a matter of time before he jumped out with no pants on… THAT I don’t need!

So this morning I called the Running Room and chatted with the manager about the Kayanos and I think the two new pairs are going back in return for one really good pair – so much for running being a cheap sport! Also chatted with the footwear manager at Sporting Life (Jean’s Marines sponsor) and I have an extensive list of shoes I will now try. Oh and I have to get some of those “gel” things – mid run supplements – that everyone is talking about – I guess Gatorade isn’t enough anymore… Now that I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about the whole injury / footwear situation, I’m re-energized. It is so amazing how one really great run can change your whole outlook. I can’t wait to get out again!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm an I-Y...

That’s right – another label for me to sport proudly… I’m an idie-yuppie. I was completely taken in by the article in this week’s Toronto Star entitled “Following the indie-yuppie herd,” written by Dana Brown. The article describes 9-5 big business yuppies that blog, have separation anxiety from their iPods, and “hit(s) the coolest concerts in town.” It’s me!

I’ve frequently heard the comment “If you like the concert / nightlife / writing thing so much, why don’t you find a career in that industry…” My answer has always been that I really like what I do! I enjoy the corporate world where my competitive nature is celebrated, where upward mobility is “corporate cool” and most importantly, it’s the stable part of my life – I show up around 8:30 and leave around 4:30 and make enough money to fund all of the trendy “indie” stuff that I love so much. I like to think that I have the very best of both worlds.

The new moniker really clicked when I read this…
"We've noticed a shift in that people are taking time off to go to music festivals ... or coming in a little late because they've gone to a show and it's not a big deal,… but there's no denying the divide between the up-and-coming hipster crowd and the daytime responsibilities of the I-Y sect. "There's lots of shows on school nights," she (Robin Paton) jokes. "The people who are not the 9-to-5 workers ... party until it's late, until the bar is closed and the rest of us are going `You know, I have to get up at 9 or I have to be at work at 8:30 so I have to go home. This is fun, but I have to be a grown-up now.'"

There’s a very amusing message board of “you know you’re an indie-yuppie when” on www.stereogum.com. I love it!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In Miscellaneous News...

So I cried a bit this week (what is this liquid coming from my eyes… it burns!!! It burns!!!); sad because my precious freedom is about to go on hiatus. Don’t know about the rest of you… but I live by myself. Granted it feels a bit like a dorm at times, what with the common room, the rooftop patio and the exercise room (where is the GD cafeteria I’d like to know…), but when I go to bed at night, it’s just me. That is about to change. The Cat Lady (my sister, the vet assistant) is coming to live with me for a month(s). Her condo is on the market, she’s got her internship lined up, she’s bought her plane ticket. GULP. I’m suddenly unable to breathe.

I’ve lived by myself for a long time… say 4 years? Does that sound right? And I LOVE it. LOVE! I want to marry living on my own. (hun?) Anyhow, Sis and I had the “laying down the rules” chat and agreed that my couch will be her home until September. After which she’ll find a place nearby. Now that part I’m excited about! I think I’ll love having her here. She’s a really fun person to just hang with. I’m just not that friendly in the morning, or afternoon, early or late evening… meh, ever.

LOVE, love, love the post on That Girl’s site… I officially have my first stalker… Enjoy NYC and let me know when you’re really ready to have fun… TO is the most fun EVER. That’s right… EVER. I’ve been here a year and I’ve already convinced two people to move here… still working on SJ Flames – you will bend to my will!!

Welcome, welcome Dose readers that click through from Greektown’s blog… look for our “exclusive coverage” of the MMVAs (Much Music Video Awards) on Sunday night. We have our bracelets (don’t EVEN get me started on our 4 hour wait in melting hot weather Saturday for these GD things!!!). If there are celebrities involved, there will be some entertaining stories… I’ll try not to:

scream anyone’s name directly to them
B: insult anyone
C: threaten to put them in my pocket (except K-OS, ‘cause I think he’d fit).

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Jays are back! The Jays are back!

I scored my corporate seats to the Jays game last night so we were ideally located for Doc Halladay’s 9 inning pitching gem… Sporty Spice and B/E/G report live… (re-broadcasted)

B/E/G: Here we are, section 127, perfect view of Russ Adams
SS: Don’t start that already… Halladay taking the mound, a strike for his first pitch to Eckstein
We’re coming off an extended road trip… it’s great to have the Jays back at the Skydome (damn, it, Rogers Center)… popcorn?
SS: If the Jays win tonight it will take their record back to .500, 32 wins, 32 losses *cough* better than the Yankees
B/E/G: Oh no you di-int! We’re fighting!
SS: This fight brought to you by Pizza Pizza, best slice of cheese pizza ever… Alex Rios hits one and slides into second base.
B/E/G: Maybe Russ Adams’ mom will invite him for ice cream if he gets home. Why, why, why is the girl in row 15 not wearing a bra? Awww, it looks like the ladies are having a cat fight under there… eeeyuck.
Would the lady in row 15 please go to the nearest vending machine and buy a bra… a bro… whatever… Halliday shuts down the third inning with no hits.
B/E/G: Hey there’s my ex-boyfriend’s roommate…
SS: You want I should kick his ass?
B/E/G: Meh, maybe after another beer… Did you know that if Halliday gets the win tonight that it will be the fastest he’s made it to 10 straight wins? Last time it was 14 games. Pass me the popcorn?
SS: I thought you were done with the popcorn?
B/E/G: No, we were on a break… Come on Aaron Hill!!! Bring them home!!!!
SS: Aaron Hill… yet to hit a homerun this year, but a very solid hitter.
B/E/G: I love baseball… I love pizza… I love beer… mmmm, beeeeeer.
SS: Pujols at bat… I’m not sure if you knew this, but Roy "Doc" Halladay is not in fact a real Doctor. He has no medical background or Honourary Degree from any University. They call him Doc because of Doc Holliday, famed hero of Western lore. He was in fact a dentist, and then he was killed. Ball one to Pujols.
Hee hee poo-hole.
SS: Doc has fingered Pujols as the key to their lineup. He does not want to get behind Pujols. That could get messy.
B/E/G: That sounds messy. Poo-hole! That’s never going to get old…

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Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm still laughing...

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…
Absolutely the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a LONG time… Greektown and I hit the Dears show at the Phoenix on Friday night – part of the NXNE series. The show was AMAZING, but like the Proud Mary at the Martha Wainwright show, somewhat trumped by other goings-on. Well, at least in this case, the hilarity took place AFTER the show, so our enjoyment of the Dears was uninterrupted.

Greektown and I head downstairs after the show to meet up with friends – we walk up and are told that K-OS is standing a few feet away… high pitched screaming ensues… some heavy breathing… have I mentioned the fact that despite having hung out with the band multiple times, including on the tour bus – we’ve never actually met the man himself… so Greektown and I pull ourselves together and walk over. OMG, I’m giddy just thinking about it! I am absolutely the coolest EVER as I walk up to him and touch his shoulder. He turns around and I (can’t emphasize the coolness factor enough – you all know I’m an IDIOT around celebrities…) very calmly say “hi, we’re big fans – we saw you at Coachella.” Introductions followed. Then he asks what other shows we’re seeing Friday night – I say Wolf Parade… he suggests Tangiers, whereupon I get to say “oh, they’re opening for Wolf Parade so we’ll be there for Tangiers as well.” OMG, I’m so the coolest ever!!

So fine, terrific K-OS encounter with no screaming (B/E/G) or drooling zombie behavior (Greektown). Unfortunately not everyone was cool around K-OS on Friday night… we’re standing outside the Phoenix, making a plan for the rest of the night when we see K-OS, talking on a cell phone, walk out of the club and head over to a cab. Did I mention that K-OS is teeny tiny (and I could put him in my pocket)? Anyhow, he’s just sliding into the cab and getting ready to shut the door when this really tall white guy runs up to him yelling “hey, where are you going? Are you going downtown?K-OS, pulling the door shut, or trying to – white dude was holding it open at this point – says “yeah, I’m going downtown.” White dude is like “Can we share the cab?K-OS wrestles the door from him, slams it shut and says “NO” while rolling up the window…

Picture it… black guy rolling up the window and locking the door on giant white guy. Basically K-OS was me last Friday night, running out of Lee’s Palace, jumping in a cab and yelling “drive!!” while I lock the door and roll up the window… also running away from a giant white guy… hmmm.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

I don't even know where to begin...

So before I even begin – I have to re-cap on the reviews I owe you guys – Movies: Crash, Star Wars and UnleashedConcertsSpoon. The Spoon concert – at favorite venue – the Opera House was fabulous and a little funny. However last night was so great (for so many reasons) that I have to skip all the outstanding and get right into it…

Oh God, where to start… last night was Martha Wainwright, at the Mod Club in Little Italy. Fast becoming a next-to favorite venue, we stood in the same spot we always do – front box area (picture the Muppets). It was a pretty packed house, which was pretty good for a folk set and there were lots of NXNE (North by North East) bracelet people there.

We played a quick game of “Where’s Jian Ghomeshi” (CBC) in the crowd – I spotted him and was trying to point him out to Greektown in the crowd of what – hundred or so people – in the dark? Anyhow, it went something like this…
B/E/G: He’s over there (pointing vaguely)
Greektown: Where?
B/E/G: he’s touching his face… he’s touching his ear… there, the spotlight is going to hit him, it just did, now he’s touching his face again… he’s wearing a black t-shirt..
Greektown: I got nothing… where the hell are you pointing?
B/E/G: there (pointing vaguely). See, he just touched his ear again… I think it’s itchy... see him? oh spotlight again… still with the ear…
Greektown: WHERE??!!
B/E/G: there – see – touching his face…

Believe it or not this game kept us entertained for a full five minutes…

So I nearly threw up in my mouth when Martha walked out on stage… if she had been standing on a street corner, holding a cup of coffee, I would have dropped money in it – she made the girls on the Trailer Park Boys look like they could be in Flare Magazine. From the old school folded-down high top Converse sneakers (and I MEAN old school – these are from the LAST time Converse sneakers were in style – circa 1990’s), to the disaster of a peasant-type Value Village Special, dress and sweater combo… to oh dear lord, the hair… So bad! And the girl – wait, that was another surprise – woman (‘cause she’s no spring chicken), was on something really fun… Yes, we’re having a good time! Stop asking! And for GD sakes, stop tuning your GD guitar for the 80th time!!!!!

Now, I’m going to talk about the show here, briefly – because it was quite good… girl looks crazy bad, but she’s got pipes… but have no fear – I’m saving the best for last – the crowd… So Martha Wainwright is probably one of the very few voices I’ve ever heard who has that sort of haunting sound, who could convincingly sing a song entitled Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole… I’d read as much in a review of her mostly-industry Drake show a few months back, but yeah, it was awesome… she’s got a kind of complex sound – irritatingly girlish (very 1-900) when she’s talking, but when she sings, it’s so clear and clean and powerful. I really liked the whole show – though admittedly by the end, I was ready to head home – I can only take so much of that sound. Although Greektown’s ears were sort of bleeding – I really enjoyed the cabaret – piano bar 2-song set she did… just her and the piano. (Bit of a crystal ball moment when Martha jokingly commented on her future potential as a lounge singer while clutching her margarita, which she ordered during her set… ha ha ha… yeah, not funny…)

Okay, so are you ready?? Do you have a bit of space around you to move? You are going to want to try some of these out. So first the speaker-hugging/humping crowd. I REALLY did not expect to see a row of hottie men lining the stage and alternately hugging and humping speakers. The sunglasses / oh-so-tight white t-shirt guy was my favorite – so the opposite of who you’d expect to see at the front, let alone humping speakers… I was also very fond of our overstarched-dress-shirt-with-sleeves-rolled-up-singing-every-word-of-every-song guy… he was nice enough to bring his girlfriend with him too. Picture this… we have Martha, who looks like she’s right out of a trailer park. Then we have the trashy girlfriend who was about, what late 30’s AT LEAST, with boobs around her waist, wearing a trampy white dress (just Don’t EVER wear white if you’re not a size 5… just don’t) with peroxide hair that was so straw-like that it looked as though it wanted climb right out of the matching giant butterfly clips holding it in place. You know that Martha’s looking at her, thinking “hun?” and girlfriend is looking at Martha, like, “hun?” Anyhow, oh so very incongruous crowd of men were entertaining, but they were no Proud Mary!

So I said earlier that this was folk music, right? Pretty relaxed music, sort of head bobbing, maybe swaying a little… that’s about it. Well we had the most entertaining dancer in the history of the WORLD at this show. She was opposite us, and downstairs… she caught our eyes right away – it’s just not often that you see headbanging, arms flailing, jumping up and down, moves. It was like Tina Turner meets Mick Jagger. She got so involved that she actually moved back so that she could have a runway to strut up and down. I was in tears from laughing so much… my favorite moves… the Elaine kick, Proud Mary (looks sort of like you’re wheeling a wheelchair), the vertical Proud Mary (same move only done over your head), picking apples, shopping cart, lawnmower – I can’t even explain how funny / bizarre / out of place / hilarious this was – it wasn’t like she was TRYING to do these moves, it’s just the only way I have of sort of describing what I was seeing. And it never stopped! She just kept dancing… one folk song after another!!! Even the posse of gay boys moved out of her way and stood, mouths agape. It was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen. I wish every concert was like this…

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

My brain feels a bit full today...

I’m kind of exhausted by all the thoughts banging around in my head this week. I think my adult / all grown-up brain is fighting with the “still want to act like a child” brain. They’re definitely fighting and I think they might break up.

Anyhow, getting ready to head to Ottawa for the weekend… seeing my first year university roommate as well as one of my closest friends from out East… 615 Windsor’s sister is flying her up to celebrate her 30th with us. Fun! I’m sure the weekend will include getting dressed up… going out for dinner and of course, shopping! I’m very excited to spend time with her – she’s one of those friends that I really miss. We basically “grew up” (read as: got drunk together and flirted with men Wednesday through Saturday nights for 4 years) together at university…

I wonder if we’ll end up at that bar – the one where the pretty girls get to climb up on the bar and dance at the end of the night? I think it has something to do with firemen… (uh oh, there goes the shoulder…). I vaguely remember that bar from years ago when I was in the city for a meeting…

I’m also looking forward to getting away for the weekend – I haven’t been anywhere in what… three weeks?! Speaking of which, it seems there’s another cottage party soon and with the hot weather, I think I’m just going to start showing up at friends' buildings in my bathing suit… I LOVE my building, but damn I wish we had a pool…

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Golf and the art of doing the shoulder (shoulder, shoulder...)

So I have a number of running injuries right now – my knee is kind of screwed up, my neck is pretty bad, but what is really bothering me is my shoulder… and not for the reason you’d expect…

My new “move” is the shoulder… it involves me looking suggestively over my right shoulder while I wiggle it up and down, usually while saying “shoulder, shoulder.” It’s quite something… It started with firemen… my shoulder just kind of did the move on it’s own… (I LOVE firemen)… and now it’s out of control – I’ve done it for TV crews, baseball players (Derek Jeter!) and most recently for every hot guy at the two golf tournaments I played in last week. I’m sure there are a dozen photos of me doing the shoulder…

It may have been too much for one guy – one of my co-workers introduced me to an alright looking guy wearing the TIGHTEST golf shirt ever… Right off the bat he asks for my phone number… I reply “Not so fast... show me what you’ve got first!” His response – he does the dancing pecs move. Yikes!! He follows that up with: “Did it hurt?B/E/G: “Did what hurt?” “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Then he looks at the tag in my shirt… “Just what I thought; made in heaven.” I think I passed out from laughing at this point. Thank you very much, cheesiest pick-up lines EVER.

Gotta tame the shoulder down – clearly not everyone can handle it!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How often does a horoscope tell you to have low expectations and hit a booty call??!

Every now and again I check my horoscope… it’s usually complete crap – but then I get this…
Week of June 5, 2005
People will be extra flighty and fickle this week - so don't take it too personally when someone says they will meet you for coffee or lunch and then ends up canceling at the last minute. If you meet someone for the first time and exchange numbers, great - but don't expect that person to call the next day like he or she promised. This week you will find that love is best enjoyed in the moment. The bottom line is that the current moment is all we have. Enjoy romance well into the night because it is uncertain whether it will be there or not when you wake up the next morning. As a result, try not to get too attached to someone you just met. The passion may be strong at first but there are no guarantees that a long-lasting partnership will grow out of your one night stand. If you don't set your expectations too high, you won't be disappointed.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Who's a play-ah?

So I recently wrote about the Girls’ Rules For Dating More Than One Person At A Timerules for girls, by girls. I’ve been working to fulfill my promise of researching the man’s perspective and so far, I’ve found out the following:

Firstly: I was wrong about my definition of a player (play-ah)… I thought a player was someone who dated a lot – the four men I consulted each said that a player is someone that sleeps around. Fine… clearly I have to stop using that word so often…

Secondly: There don’t seem to be any rules for guys… I was out with a bunch of guys on Friday night and told them our rules, then asked about theirs… the answer was that they don’t have any. Is this true or was I just talking to a bunch of players???

I think I’ll continue my research because I’m a bit disappointed with my findings to date…

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Live To Tell

I totally thought I knew what I was writing about today until I opened my apartment door, looked down and saw the headline on the cover of the Toronto Star (www.torontostar.com). “Ebola Vaccine Breakthrough!” screams the title. I laughed out loud.

Anyhow, the article immediately called to mind something that I’ve been thinking about for some time – I’ve been back in the dating world now for what… six months? I’ve had a lot of fun – and still am… oh the stories! But the trepidation that I felt going back out there after the Ebola breakup… well, it’s gone. Perhaps it’s the way I’ve approached it – dating, instead being the relationship girl that I’ve always been in the past. It must be the total lack of pressure of dating people for the pleasure of getting to know them instead of the East Coast dating ritual of vetting for marriage(‘cause that’s worked SO well for me in the past!) In any case, the new me, the New Year’s Resolution me, the (dare I say it) single and fabulous dating me seems to have successfully survived Ebolano vaccine required…

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It has officially been a year!!! PART 1

Well everybody, this week marks one year that I have been in Toronto! I think we’ve determined that I love this town… now please allow me to recap my year by listing all of the concerts that I’ve seen in the last 12 months…

Dave Matthews
Jack Johnson
Broken Social Scene
Kyle Riabko
Matt Good Band
Le Tigre
The Constantines
Beastie Boys
The Killers
The New Deal
Scissor Sisters
Handsome Boy Modeling School
Gavin DeGraw
COACHELLA (Day One - Buck 65, K-OS, Ambulance Ltd., Snow Patrol, Keane, Rilo Kiley, Café Tacuba, Bloc Party, Coldplay, Day Two – Sloan, Diplo, Jem, Kasabian, MIA, The Bravery, Tegan & Sara, The Arcade Fire, New Order, British Sea Power, The Faint, Black Star)
Snow Patrol
Rilo Kiley

I’m probably missing someone because I don’t have the tickets in front of me, however I think that pretty well represents my music adventures over the last year. Of course, a shout-out goes to Greektown for hooking me on most of these bands and to Castle Loma for being the stand-in for any show I couldn’t talk Greektown into.

So that’s it… the fun continues of course – I’ve got Matt Mays & El Torpedo Friday night, Spoon on Sunday, Martha Wainwright and The Dears next week and the MMVAs mid-month. That ought to keep me busy until the Jays come back to town!

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