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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What Really Happened...

So here it is… the dirt on the trip. So you know that I headed off into LA, deaf in my right ear due to an ear infection from flying with a cold earlier in the week. Not exactly a shining start to the trip… I did however have a bag full of prescriptions and tickets to the concert of my dreams so really… why on earth am I complaining?

My last pre-departure post had me sitting in the Air Canada Lounge, getting ready to head to the gate. That’s when things started to turn around. I queued up to get on the plane and notice a few “shaggy haired” dudes as Greektown would call them, boarding with what looked to me to be musical instrument type stuff. You know, the sort of thing say, the Arcade Fire might have if they were to happen to be on the same flight as me…

I’m sitting in my window seat, watching people stream onto the plane when I spot this girl coming down the aisle with a violin case… alright, enough lead up – Sarah from the Arcade Fire sat next to me on the flight to LA. I nearly threw up in my mouth. Now although I think we’ve determined I’m rotten around celebrity type people, aside from calling Sarah a beyatch, (when I told her I was from Atlantic Canada, she asked if I wore a fanny pack – I took offense… then told her about my ex, Fanny Pack) I think I was pretty okay. Oh and well, other than getting a photo with her… I don’t think I was very cool then either… damn! Anyhow, she was soooo nice and we chatted for much of the trip. It was incredible hearing about where they’ve been, about their label, where they’re going etc…

So I’m the most pumped ever… one of THE bands I’m going to LA to see is on my flight! This bodes well for the weekend. So we head off to Palm Desert via Newport Beach (watch much OC??!). We got in to our hotel around 10:30 or so and started planning for Saturday – the first day of the festival. The hotel staff, quite familiar with the festival – suggested we leave about 2 ½ hours ahead of when we wanted to be at the site – despite only being 10 miles away! Traffic is legendary at this festival… Ouch!

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