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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We Got Game

Sometimes at the Jays games, Sporty Spice and I pretend that we’re sportscasters

SS – Manitoban Cory Koskie hits one to deep right field and heads to first base… Hillenbrand is safe at second.
BEG – I like Koskie, his pants are tight.
SS – First baseman Hinske steps up to the plate…. He’s deep in the count 3 balls, 2 strikes… oh! A swing and a miss for Hinske!
BEGHinske’s an idiot.
SS Hinske’s not an idiot.
BEG – Here’s a Little Known Fact: if you took the average salary of an oufielder and divided it by the number of errors each fielder has through the run of the year that each error would “cost” $10,000?
SS – I did not know that… Shortstop Russ Adams at the plate now.
BEG – I like Russ Adams… I like shortstops… I want to marry Derek Jeter.
SS – Shut up.
BEG – Oh, Russ Adams is 6’1, I like that… wait a minute… he was born in 1980???? That means he’s 10!!! I can’t go out with him… we’re broken up.
SS – 10? Wait a minute.. broken up?
BEG – Oh look! He hit a home run! I love you Russ Adams!!!
SS – I hate you.
BEG – Are you mad at me? Are we fighting?
SS – We’re fighting.
BEG – How about now? Are we fighting now?
SS – You have pizza on your shirt.
BEG – I have popcorn in my shirt. (hiccup) I’m drunk.

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