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Monday, May 30, 2005

This morning started with a Sausage & Egg McGriddle

You all know that any morning that starts out that way is a REALLY bad hangover day. My head is pounding. Boo hiss. But my God yesterday was fun!

Castle Loma and I did the Nike Run TO yesterday and despite some rather torrential rain before the race (we found a really great tree to stand under), the race itself was awesome! Just as we were hitting the 8 km mark, the sun came out and there was a great breeze coming off the water as we hit the finish line. Gotta say, that was a very well executed race. The wave thing – where they started people by race time (we were in the slow bunch – I’m a lazy runner) – was a bit annoying. We ended up starting the race after the first wave had finished…

I found the trail to be a bit too narrow at times as well, but that happens at every race. One of my highlights was definitely when we passed the Center Island Fire Department and I gave the shoulder to the firemen standing around, cheering us on. Shoulder, shoulder… I just hit the Run TO website and grabbed my official finish time: 101:16. Not bad… for a lazy runner!

So after the race, Castle Loma and I hook up with some of his UNB buddies which ended up being evil. I had one cup of Gatorade after the race, then drank I don’t remember how many beer. We closed down the beer garden after the race, then headed to the Irish Embassy. I somehow got to chatting with a lovely British dude about cricket (I’m unstoppable) until Miramichi retrieved me to do a round of shots at the table. Yikes. All in all, a pretty awesome day.

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