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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This is what happens when there are two versions of me....

It was Twoonie Tuesday at the Skydome (Rogers Center) last night and for the low, low price of 2$, we got to see the Jays beat the World Series Champs, Boston Red Sox. We had awesome seats (section 127, second row) for a great game. Although pitching was a real issue for the Jays (uh, the poor dude who got to throw one pitch – hun?), our hitters were on fire… Anyhow, that’s enough technical talk, let me take you to the play-by-play by sportscasters BEG and Castle Loma (aka, the Engineer)…

CL: These peanuts are making me sweat.
BEG: Where is Russ Adams tonight? Did his mom ground him?
CL: Why don’t they show instant replay? The kid next to me threw ice cream in my eye and I missed (David) Wells throwing out Rios.
BEG: Alex Rios is dating Russ Adam’s mom.
CL: Hillenbrand hits it to BOS first baseman… he catches it and… Wells is still standing on the pitching mound… fat bastard didn’t run to cover first! (Hillenbrand is safe at first.) What’s wrong with you (yelled to Wells)!
BEG: Wells is lazy.
CL: These peanuts made my hands dry.
BEG: Here comes Vernon Wells… he hits to exactly the same spot every time… pops up to just between first and second. He’s terrible.
CL: He’s had a better run the last few games… his average is .229… hey, I’m sure he had a better run recently.
BEG: I’m telling you, to the same spot every time!
CL: If he does, I’ll buy you (another) beer.
BEG: And… there it is… a pop-up to the first baseman… beer please.
CL: I’m all over it like a fat kid on Cavendish French Fries. (Exits stage left.)
BEG: (to the men behind her – very serious sports guys, discussing Vernon Wells hitting slump…) Wells has hit to exactly the same spot at every at bat for the last three games. He’s totally lost his feel for the ball. (Men agree.)
Super Cute Baseball Fan as he squeezes past BEG: Hey those are really cool sneakers. (my new Nike sneakers… I am so trendy and as such).

Yeah, anyhow, you get the idea… it’s just not the same if you don’t have one sportscaster who at least has a bit of a clue. We were just drunk and rowdy. Anyhow, can’t wait to do it all over again on Thursday… in the good seats!

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