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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Things I love... Part XIV

Here’s why I love Google…. You can pull up my site with Google key words. Did you know that if you type in “k-os VIP Arcade Fire Coachella” that my site comes up first? I enjoy the various tools of Sitemeter and it shows the reference – how people came into my site and it’s hilarious what people type into Google that brings them to me. Someone actually typed in “adult ear infection how to unplug” and got my Coachella entry. Love it!! Alright, enough…

So the Bride came over last night and we just about finished off the cake (pronounced “Cak”) that Greektown and I tore into on Sunday night… don’t worry mother, I made it with Safflower oil and Omega 3 eggs… Perfect with a Margan 2002 late harvest dessert wine. OH SO GOOD!!

I’ve turned into a bit of a music pusher of late (sister Blondie can also attest – did you get your 10 cds yet?) and I had my new iPod plugged into my stereo and was playing, what else… The Arcade Fire. I’m addicted!!! Not to chocolate cake (well, yes to chocolate cake), not to Skydome beer (well, yes, to Skydome – ahem, Rogers Center beer), not to H & M clothes (well, yes, that too, damn it), but what I’m really addicted to is the Arcade Fire CD, Funeral. I play it in the car, on my iPod, on iTunes at work… constantly. I haven’t played a cd this much since Joyful Rebellion (which I still play constantly)… I love it. The whole thing! Stop being difficult and go out and buy it!

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