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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not the Hair!

Going to a new hairstylist is like going out on a first date. I love my current stylist, however the East Coast is quite a distance to travel – even if I do get a fabulous color. I managed to get through most of my first year without going to anyone new in Toronto, but I think my hopes in regard to Ms. Bermuda moving here so she can do my hair, have officially died. I now have to find a new stylist… I recently tried someone up at Fiorio (Yonge & St. Clair), but I found it kind of faceless. Too many people! I like a small shop where I am inevitably the center of attention (oh, quelle surprise!). So tonight I have an appointment at a spot in Little Italy. Apparently quite a trendy shop, the stylist was recommended to me by my boss’s wife. Gotta trust those fellow East Coasters!

So in preparation, I got up early this morning and did my hair – no, I DID my hair – used all 6 styling products, including the shine spray. I feel compelled to make a good first impression. Also, I want to trick the stylist into not cutting much off my length (I haven’t had a haircut since January so I know they’re going to want at least two precious inches… it will kill me!). I have a very sad attachment to my hair… it’s really, really long and perfect. After years of fuzzy, yucky hair, Ms. Bermuda transformed it into straight, shiny, soft, toss it around in a hair commercial hair. I’m nervous to let anyone else touch it.

So, okay, I’m not really that vain about my hair. Well, maybe a bit. But the real reason this is such a big deal is because I’ve been here for a year (at the end of May) and a stylist is the very last thing I have to find before I can officially say this is home. I’ve found a dry cleaner, I’ve got my regular gas station/carwash, a decent route to work, I’ve definitely nailed down all shopping and eating related spots… I’ve even found an esthetician who does sugaring… I’ve got it all except the hair. If things work out with my new person… well, Toronto officially becomes home. Hmmm... happy and sad.

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