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Friday, May 27, 2005

Nada Surf & Rilo Kiley

Last Thursday night, the Opera House… one of the best concert venues in town. There we were, hanging in the same spot we always are… off to the side at the front – the best viewpoint really. You’re close to the stage, the speakers are pointed away from you and it’s one of the few places in the whole spot where you can get a bit of air and have room to dance. But don’t tell anyone because it’s OUR SPOT (I’m belligerent – you don’t want to mess with me, ‘cause I’ll mess you up… or put gum in your hair… or at least think about it… at the very least I’ll glare at you. I guarantee it’ll be uncomfortable.).

So the (2nd) opening band had just started when we arrived. It was an interesting set – some stuff I really liked (the more mellow stuff of course) and some a little more guitar-y / rock-y. Greektown, as she always does, turned to me and said “who’s this?Why, why, why? Why ask me… we all know it’s rhetorical anyway – it’s her way of jogging her memory. And I never know!!! So turns out it was Nada Surf (OC Soundtrack favorites – If You Leave – so good!!!).

So unlike the Athlete / Snow Patrol show, the opening band did not trump the headliner. Rilo Kiley was awesome! Sort of a folksy, almost country rock type sound (there was one hardcore country song in the set list), it was very reminiscent of Booming Airplane (East Coast band that recently regrouped as the Guthries – if you can find a Booming Airplane cd – it’s totally worth it, Guthries… not so much). Apparently they’re opening for… damn, somebody big this summer – Greektown? Anybody? My head hurts and I can’t remember. Damn Skydome (Rogers Center) beer…

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