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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Type

Vermont Girl recently pointed out that “my type” of guy can be best described as “cuddly.” I love it!!! You know, anyone that I’ve liked for more than 5 minutes could be described that way! Epiphany courtesy of Vermont Girl

So this got me to reflecting on the other attributes “my type” typically has. Hmmm… what am I looking for out there – consciously or unconsciously…

I guess that every guy I’ve dated in the last few years has without exception been passionate about what they do. I am (typically, but not so much this last little while) always very into my job and can’t understand why people spend time doing things they don’t love. I also seem to choose friends that are very close to their families. I like this a lot about people, not just boyfriends. I think it says so much! Hmm, what else… looks have never been a thing with me (except with Ebola, and what did we learn from that??? Don’t date men that have a more intense grooming routine than you! And I use upwards of 5 hair products! Uh, high maintenance, right here.). Yup, tall, short, don’t care (I’ve dated a number of guys that are my height when I’m in flats – and how often am I in flats!!). Ah, hair color, don’t care… (Though I’m really, really not into long hair on a man), hair style – well, Fanny Pack had hockey hair so there you go… I was a haircut away from dating a dude with a mullet (awesome!). And Fanny Pack also broke down the whole fashion vanity thing… Wear whatever the hell you want! (Besides, I get more attention if I’m the one all geared up anyway… After all, it is all about me…)

At the end of the day, I like a guy who likes himself and has a lot of self confidence. That’s much more reliable than the guy who just happened to be born good looking, you know? Besides, if they’re too Metro I end up peeling SJ Flames off them anyway (big fan of the dry hump) and I’m just not into competing!! What else… oh, I guess your typical stuff – sense of humor, really, really smart, athletic… I think that’s it… well that and the deal breaker – that he has his own life and isn’t threatened by mine.

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