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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I think everyone should at some point date more than one person at a time... But there are Rules!

So here’s the thing… I feel like a bit of an idiot. I’ve gone through my whole life dating one person at a time. I get all excited when I’m seeing someone new, sometimes might get a bit carried away and like them too much too fast, thereby remaining blind to the fact that they couldn’t be more wrong for me (insert the Bride laughing at me… tee hee Ebola). So I’ve discovered the secret to keeping a level head… dating more than one person at a time!

At first I kind of thought it would be too much. Too complicated? I’m not high tech enough to actually give each of them a unique ring tone, but thanks for the suggestion, Marathon Girl.

Granted, it’s a bit of a beeyatch trying to manage my schedule, which is already ridiculously full, but so far, that’s the only downside. Anyhow, the upside of all this – and it’s a huge upside – is that I’m not getting all crazed about anybody. It’s kind of like I only have a finite amount of enthusiasm for dating and I’m kind of allocating it to more than one person. So, perfect… I’m just crushing, really. Oh, and having the most fun ever… this is the best New Year’s resolution ever!

Now to the interesting part… the rules. I’ve done some informal research on the rules of dating more than one person at a time (read as: I’ve asked all of my girlfriends) and everyone said the same thing. It seems that there are few rules, but they are absolute:

1. You should let each of the guys know that you’re seeing other people. This is never done by outright telling the person you’re seeing other people, but by either name dropping or “hinting” (very popular word – I think every singe person I asked, used that word).
2. As soon as you have sex with one of them, you have to stop seeing the others.

So just to be clear, these are rules for girls, made up by girls. I’ve not really gotten into the man’s side of things… perhaps that’s my next research step… hmmm.

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