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Friday, May 20, 2005

I Shall Be Known For My Ability To Accessorize...

So most of you know that I recently picked up an iPod mini. The justification for this very expensive piece of hardware is my running, of course. I’ve got the Run TO next weekend and that’s only one step in my race to the finish line of a full marathon later this fall. The iPod is an integral part of my training regimen. Despite training with Jean’s Marines, I still run with my iPod on all runs. I’m just one of those people that enjoys running so much more when I have the motivation of Chaka Demus & Pliers “Twist & Shout” or Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” to push me forward.

But I digress… the buying of the iPod has by necessity (by this I mean, my life is so greatly improved by having this that I must have it…) meant that I have had to pick up numerous Monster accessories. Since having thrown down $300+ dollars for the iPod, I’ve spent an additional $50 or so on the Monster cord that allows me to plug into any stereo to play my iPod through it, as well as another $150 on the Monster iTrip cord / charger combo that lets me transmit my iPod music through the stereo in my car. Of course I needed the first because, well, I just did. The iTrip cord / charger were ABSOLUTE necessities because I’m venturing up north this weekend to cottage country (COTTAGE COUNTRY!!! My very first cottage party!).

So I’ve mixed up a “Let's Get Wasted" (to the tune of Take Your Shirt Off) party mix and I’m ready to hit the road with 1,000 of my favorite songs. Greektown’s going to have the time of her life dj-ing for the car. I even threw on Ghetto Superstar for Sporty Spice so we can practice (I’ll sing with you, but we’re still broken up. Just so ya know.).

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