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Monday, May 09, 2005

I Love Birthday Weekends!

I did all of my favorite things this weekend… it was the perfect way to celebrate the big day! We went bowling (Big Ball Glow Bowling…), we did the Madison, hit the Jays game on Saturday (and laughed my ass off, thanks Sporty Spice!), sat on the patio at the Bier Market afterwards drinking really yummy apricot beer (highly recommended – Quebec beer, I think) and eating a chocolate cheesecake thing that I’d like to marry. Top that with a trip to one of my favorite Toronto restaurants, the Beer Bistro (King & Yonge) and it was the perfect weekend.

Just so ya know… I did the shoulder move to the Canadian Idol tv crew on Saturday, down on Front Street and I think that they’re going to recruit Sporty Spice and I to do a duet… we’ve come up with the following songs as our duet options: Islands in the Stream, (which turns into Ghetto Superstar halfway through), I Don’t Know Much (Aaron Neville & Linda Rondstadtyou should hear Sporty Spice – he does a MEAN Aaron Neville…) and Opposites Attract, (Paula Abdul & Scat Cat). Coming soon to a TV near you…

Finally, some words of advice – Do Not See Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy… I wanted to kill myself. Even Mos Def and the cutie from the office didn’t make this bearable. Boo hiss.

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