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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have so much to talk about... starting with the biggest first date disaster ever!

I think I’ll be talking about the weekend all week. But I’ll give you the most hilarious story first – my date on Friday night.

So I’ve known this guy for a while, but this was our first “date.” We made arrangements to meet at a pub in Yorkville called Hemmingway’s (one of my favorite authors, how could anything go wrong?!). I show up – alright, a few minutes behind schedule, and check the line to see if my dude is queued up. He’s not. So I check with the “line administrator” (he took his job REALLY seriously) so see if I can go up to the patio to see if my guy is there. “You have to wait in line, no exceptions” he barks. Okay then, I queue up with the rest of the thirsty trendy people. TWENTY MINUTES LATER… yeah, I’m a little annoyed. I check my phone – no call. Just then, my dude comes down stairs looking for me. I get out of the line and walk up. No dice – back in line I go, while the dude heads back up on the patio to hold our table. Blah, blah, long story short I finally talk my way upstairs (mostly by showing some cleve and looking sad) and grab a seat on the patio.

I order a beer and we’re chatting away when the waitress heads over, puts my beer down on the table, then spills her entire tray of drinks in my lap. “Look, I didn’t spill your beer,” she says. I am unhappy.

So after waiting in line for over a half hour, having a beautiful Stella beer set down in front of me, I now have to leave the bar to go home and change. This is not a fun time.

Anyhow, without going into a lot of detail on the rest of the evening (‘cause I’m not like that…), we ended up grabbing a few beer out of my fridge and heading up to the roof. So in the end, not a bad night, but definitely the worst start to a date EVER.

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