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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good and Not-So-Good

Athlete & Snow Patrol
After a fabulous meal at the Beer Bistro (Wellington & Yonge, I had the steak frites and a Creemore – so good!!), we walked on down to the Kool Haus for Snow Patrol. We strolled in around 9-ish to the sounds of UK indie band, Athlete.

I could have quite happily left after this band – they were worth the full $33.75 price of admission. Not that Snow Patrol wasn’t good – they were… (once they got going and got past the very strange headbanging music). It’s just that I very unexpectedly loved Athlete. A friend recently referred to them as “shoe-gazer” music.” I guess I have to re-name the genre of more than half my iTunes music to Shoe-gazer, because that very accurately describes this difficult-to-classify indie/alternative/rock/pop music that I am seemingly obsessed with (and the ever-present enjoyment of the Arcade Fire / K-OS).

Anyhow, the main attraction – Snow Patrol… I remember a moment last night when I thought – this sounds nothing like what I heard at Coachella… what the hell?! They played a bunch of new material – some of which I really liked and the rest, meh. It just seemed like there was a lot that didn’t fit my expectations. What was good was really good, but on the whole – it was meh. Better luck tonight with Rilo Kiley at the Opera House… I only caught a bit of her show at Coachella (pretty sure my friend’s ears were still bleeding from me singing along to Keane so Rilo Kiley would have put him over the edge). Gotta remember my earplugs (thank you Greektown) or I’m going to end up like the DJ in It’s All Gone Pete Tong (another highlight of Coachella, Day 2 – getting to see the Coke Badger again!!!).

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