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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Coachella - DAY TWO

We took our time getting out the door on Day Two – the first band of the day was Sloan and they weren’t on until 2-ish… Once again we follow our secret back way in to the site and once again… no traffic. We ended up in a parking lot further back because we came in so much later, but no fear, some very friendly (and intoxicated) southern California dudes with an obsession with hi-fiving offered us a ride in on the back of a service truck they’d bribed to drive them in. Score! After getting through the Narc security guard at the gates, we ran to the Sloan show in the Mojave Tent just in time to catch the last 5 songs… gotta love a guy who’s so into his own show that he licks his microphone stand… Once again, a ton of Canadians!

Oh Canada was a bit of a theme for us on Day Two – we grabbed a bit of food with some guys from Windsor while listening to killer DJ Diplo then the Scarborough Married Couple and Greektown left to go see MIA while I went to catch the beginning of Kasabian’s set (great) before ending up back at MIA. Greektown and I laid on the grass in the shade and listened to a rather mournful Jem before meeting back up with the Scarborough Married Couple to listen to a few Bravery tunes. We left the Bravery to head over to Tegan & Sara who were pretty good… our main reason for catching their show was to queue up for the Arcade Fire who were up immediately after T & S.

Ah, the Arcade Fire… we were within about 8-10 people back from the stage… of about 10,000 – 15,000 people who caught the show. It was AMAZING!!! I was totally caught up in the excitement of the show – it radiated out from the stage. Whether it was one of the band members putting on a motorcycle helmet and climbing the rigging of the stage, or another guy following him up and the two beating on each other with drum sticks or the whole band lined up across the stage and singing their hearts out even without a mike… they were incredible! The music was absolutely amazing… they played mostly from their album Funeral, although they did play No Cars Go from their EP as well. The last song… Rebellion (Lies), felt like a storm swept across the stage – there was so much energy coming from each of them that it was like the only thing happening in the whole world was happening on that stage. Love them!

After the Arcade Fire, Greektown and I headed to New Order / Merch Tent / New Order (we had to keep running back to New Order to dance…). After New Order was British Sea Power then The Faint. We lasted all of 10 seconds in the Wolf Eyes tent before RUNNING out of there in fear… too much death metal!

As we were ducking out of Wolf Eyes, we ran into Sarah from the Arcade Fire along with the other violinist… gushing ensued… I feel like superfan! We headed over to catch the Black Star set before catching the last song or two of Bright Eyes. On our way back to the Adult Jungle Gym (our meeting spot) we met the lead singer and the other girl of the Arcade Fire… more gushing… they seemed pumped at the fact that we were down from Canada to see them.

So all in all, a very intense musical experience… it’s funny – I was on Ticketmaster / Rotate This this morning looking at all the shows coming up in TO (and scoring tix to Matt Mays/ The Dears / Martha Wainwright) and so many of them are ones that I just saw at Coachella. Greektown is already talking about next year’s trip… don’t think I can resist!

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