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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coachella - DAY ONE

We’re up, we’re pumped and we’re on our way in, following our secret back way in to the festival site that one of our concert pals found on the message boards… So much to our amazement, our two and a half hour drive ended up taking a grand total of, wait for it… wait for it… 15 minutes. We ended up at the gates before they even opened!

So we start off by getting the lay of the land – checking out how long it will take to jog from the Main Stage where Buck 65 (from Halifax!) is playing to the Gobi Tent where K-OS is playing… the two overlapped but we wanted both. I love that this is the kind of problem I’m dealing with today!

So we catch Buck 65 who opened the Main Stage (!!) and the K-OS set which were both great – lots of Canadians at both which was so much fun! Then off to Ambulance Ltd. in the tent next door – despite having seen them the week previous, I enjoyed them so much that I had to hear them again! From there, off to Snow Patrol, then Keane, whom I love and who I think made everyone else’s ears bleed (poor Guitar Dude who had met up with us at this point – not exactly his thing – and despite that I couldn’t help but sing along!). We all hit f the Rilo Kiley set then Guitar Dude and I wandered down to the DJ tent to catch a bit of UNKLE. Our gang then hit the Café Tacuba set while Guitar Dude went off in search of four VIP bracelets for us. Next stop… VIP Lounge!!

So beers in hand, we wander the VIP lounge in search of an empty sofa. In our wandering we passed such people as Danny Devito, Scott Speedman (Greektown reports that he walked by us a total of six times… she’s got real potential as a stalker…), and I missed this one – being too comfortable on the sofa with my long lost friend – the girls ran into one of the Backstreet Boys. Oh Hell Yes! And being the music idiot – I’m sure lots of other musicians strolled by as well, but I was otherwise occupied.

So we split up – the Scarborough Married Couple and Greektown headed to Bloc Party and we followed not long after (yet another must-see band). We couldn’t get into the tent – not the only Bloc Party admirers – so we hung outside… so good! Then we wandered down to the DJ tent for a little rave music and crazy light show before meeting up with the gang at the Adult Jungle Gym (a piece of artwork that served as our meeting place throughout the festival).

Anyhow, the rest of the night was beautiful – Greektown, Guitar Dude and I headed off to listen to Coldplay under the desert stars! When does anyone ever get to have this much fun? After meeting up with the Scarborough Married Couple (who opted for Chemical Brothers over Coldplay), our gang headed back to our hotel. DAY ONE.

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