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Friday, May 13, 2005

At Some Point Every Blogger Writes About Writing...

Just a quick note to all of you out there… those of you that I know and hang out with and those mysterious readers whom I’ve not met and likely never will…

The whole reason I started this thing way back in Jan’05, was because I read something that so piqued my interest that I had to share it. Having just read an article on blogging a few days previous in Fortune Magazine (which I LOVE… even more than Flare and Elle, which I also read every month), I decided to set up my own site and send out my thoughts via my own page. I’ve always been a writer – journals and that sort of thing, except for a rather prolific stage in junior high / high school when I had all sorts of poems and short stories on the go. The way that I write in my blog is exactly the same way that I write in my journal (except that I swear A LOT in my journal) – very stream of consciousness, as though I were relating a conversation or story out loud.

I am personally fascinated with the challenge of maintaining anonymity, yet sharing meaningful things with you. There are so many times when I’ve wanted to post photos and the like, but it crosses the line of what I am willing to share. I feel like I can talk about my high cholesterol, broken heart, family dramas, relationship snafus, man of my dreams, adventures and obsessions because at the end of the day… there’s still so much that I’m not saying on the page. Those that know me well are able to piece the everyday BEG together with the online BEG and see more than I’d ever be able to share in person. Those of you that don’t know me as well, or are my blog acquaintances see a side of me that I wouldn’t easily share with people I know.

I love that I have regulars to the pages… even some who think to send b-day wishes (thank you That Girl7278! Check out her site, which I visit several times per week: http://thatgirl7278.blogspot.com/). When I write every day, it’s with all of you in mind. When I post something especially personal, like the sportscast the other day (that was damn near verbatim… if anyone was sitting next to us and reads me – well, I’ll be outed), my piece on cholesterol or even my plan to fling my way through 2005, I do so hoping that you’ll all hear it the same way I do as I’m writing it. Although many of you comment on the site (which I LOVE) and still others chat with me in person about it, I still always wonder if everyone gets me.

Anyhow, that’s enough of the sappiness… I’m not a terribly heart-on-my sleeve person (that may be understating things) so in case you’re not getting me right now – this is me… shouting out to you… thanks for hanging, and assuming you’re still a glutton for punishment… see ya next week.

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