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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I think everyone should at some point date more than one person at a time... But there are Rules!

So here’s the thing… I feel like a bit of an idiot. I’ve gone through my whole life dating one person at a time. I get all excited when I’m seeing someone new, sometimes might get a bit carried away and like them too much too fast, thereby remaining blind to the fact that they couldn’t be more wrong for me (insert the Bride laughing at me… tee hee Ebola). So I’ve discovered the secret to keeping a level head… dating more than one person at a time!

At first I kind of thought it would be too much. Too complicated? I’m not high tech enough to actually give each of them a unique ring tone, but thanks for the suggestion, Marathon Girl.

Granted, it’s a bit of a beeyatch trying to manage my schedule, which is already ridiculously full, but so far, that’s the only downside. Anyhow, the upside of all this – and it’s a huge upside – is that I’m not getting all crazed about anybody. It’s kind of like I only have a finite amount of enthusiasm for dating and I’m kind of allocating it to more than one person. So, perfect… I’m just crushing, really. Oh, and having the most fun ever… this is the best New Year’s resolution ever!

Now to the interesting part… the rules. I’ve done some informal research on the rules of dating more than one person at a time (read as: I’ve asked all of my girlfriends) and everyone said the same thing. It seems that there are few rules, but they are absolute:

1. You should let each of the guys know that you’re seeing other people. This is never done by outright telling the person you’re seeing other people, but by either name dropping or “hinting” (very popular word – I think every singe person I asked, used that word).
2. As soon as you have sex with one of them, you have to stop seeing the others.

So just to be clear, these are rules for girls, made up by girls. I’ve not really gotten into the man’s side of things… perhaps that’s my next research step… hmmm.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

This morning started with a Sausage & Egg McGriddle

You all know that any morning that starts out that way is a REALLY bad hangover day. My head is pounding. Boo hiss. But my God yesterday was fun!

Castle Loma and I did the Nike Run TO yesterday and despite some rather torrential rain before the race (we found a really great tree to stand under), the race itself was awesome! Just as we were hitting the 8 km mark, the sun came out and there was a great breeze coming off the water as we hit the finish line. Gotta say, that was a very well executed race. The wave thing – where they started people by race time (we were in the slow bunch – I’m a lazy runner) – was a bit annoying. We ended up starting the race after the first wave had finished…

I found the trail to be a bit too narrow at times as well, but that happens at every race. One of my highlights was definitely when we passed the Center Island Fire Department and I gave the shoulder to the firemen standing around, cheering us on. Shoulder, shoulder… I just hit the Run TO website and grabbed my official finish time: 101:16. Not bad… for a lazy runner!

So after the race, Castle Loma and I hook up with some of his UNB buddies which ended up being evil. I had one cup of Gatorade after the race, then drank I don’t remember how many beer. We closed down the beer garden after the race, then headed to the Irish Embassy. I somehow got to chatting with a lovely British dude about cricket (I’m unstoppable) until Miramichi retrieved me to do a round of shots at the table. Yikes. All in all, a pretty awesome day.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Nada Surf & Rilo Kiley

Last Thursday night, the Opera House… one of the best concert venues in town. There we were, hanging in the same spot we always are… off to the side at the front – the best viewpoint really. You’re close to the stage, the speakers are pointed away from you and it’s one of the few places in the whole spot where you can get a bit of air and have room to dance. But don’t tell anyone because it’s OUR SPOT (I’m belligerent – you don’t want to mess with me, ‘cause I’ll mess you up… or put gum in your hair… or at least think about it… at the very least I’ll glare at you. I guarantee it’ll be uncomfortable.).

So the (2nd) opening band had just started when we arrived. It was an interesting set – some stuff I really liked (the more mellow stuff of course) and some a little more guitar-y / rock-y. Greektown, as she always does, turned to me and said “who’s this?Why, why, why? Why ask me… we all know it’s rhetorical anyway – it’s her way of jogging her memory. And I never know!!! So turns out it was Nada Surf (OC Soundtrack favorites – If You Leave – so good!!!).

So unlike the Athlete / Snow Patrol show, the opening band did not trump the headliner. Rilo Kiley was awesome! Sort of a folksy, almost country rock type sound (there was one hardcore country song in the set list), it was very reminiscent of Booming Airplane (East Coast band that recently regrouped as the Guthries – if you can find a Booming Airplane cd – it’s totally worth it, Guthries… not so much). Apparently they’re opening for… damn, somebody big this summer – Greektown? Anybody? My head hurts and I can’t remember. Damn Skydome (Rogers Center) beer…

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Love Cottage Country...

So 601 (and family) invited a bunch of us up to the cottage on Lake Simcoe for the weekend. Being very girly, (I am not a camper) I opted to stay only for one night. I dragged Greektown along for the trip (she’s about as outdoor-sy as I am) and we piled into the car – equipped with the new iTrip Monster cord for my iPod (a totally shameless bribe for Greektown – I promised her dj privileges). We picked up Sporty Spice and the Wanderer on the way out of town and began our long trek out of the city. Yeah, I’m not sure what everyone bellyaches about – it only took us an hour and a half to get to the cottage (about 20 minutes north of Barrie). There was nothing but normal TO traffic on the road. Gotta say, pretty painless... well other than the in-car singing. PS – Wanderer – no more singing for you! It’s not fair that the rest of us suck and you’re a rock star. Boo hiss.

So we arrive, figure out the beer cooler situation and start playing catch-up with the gang that had arrived on Friday. Luckily catch-up is one game I play well. We had a totally sweet set-up, volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, and a game of touch football (I opted out of the last – I already have a broken neck). Greektown and I DOMINATED the badminton court. And by dominated, I mean that no one else dared play with us because who could compete with the amazing ballet leaps and pirouettes, all while hitting the birdy (tee hee) and drinking beer. The photos are hilarious (thanks Sporty Spice, the group photographer). It was awesome!

So after a fantastic steak and a chat with 601’s mother (sub-atomic particles), we got ready for the evening’s entertainment. I’ve been to a lot of backyard parties in my day (the East coast version of the cottage party) but this is the first that had a stage with mic stand and an amp set up… it takes the campfire sing-along to a whole new level. And yes, Sporty Spice and I performed our duet… (several, actually) much to the crowd’s chagrin.

So all in all, a fabulous trip to cottage country! Although the McDonald’s in Shanty Bay seemed to hate me, our Sunday drive back to the city was just as enjoyable because Greektown and I stopped at the Cookstown Outlet MallLevis, Nike sneakers, Reebok running watch, new sunglasses, a featherbed – being hung over and in much pain from the hours of badminton (and possibly from my 10 km run on Saturday morning) did not faze us at all.

Did I say that I love cottage country?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This is what happens when there are two versions of me....

It was Twoonie Tuesday at the Skydome (Rogers Center) last night and for the low, low price of 2$, we got to see the Jays beat the World Series Champs, Boston Red Sox. We had awesome seats (section 127, second row) for a great game. Although pitching was a real issue for the Jays (uh, the poor dude who got to throw one pitch – hun?), our hitters were on fire… Anyhow, that’s enough technical talk, let me take you to the play-by-play by sportscasters BEG and Castle Loma (aka, the Engineer)…

CL: These peanuts are making me sweat.
BEG: Where is Russ Adams tonight? Did his mom ground him?
CL: Why don’t they show instant replay? The kid next to me threw ice cream in my eye and I missed (David) Wells throwing out Rios.
BEG: Alex Rios is dating Russ Adam’s mom.
CL: Hillenbrand hits it to BOS first baseman… he catches it and… Wells is still standing on the pitching mound… fat bastard didn’t run to cover first! (Hillenbrand is safe at first.) What’s wrong with you (yelled to Wells)!
BEG: Wells is lazy.
CL: These peanuts made my hands dry.
BEG: Here comes Vernon Wells… he hits to exactly the same spot every time… pops up to just between first and second. He’s terrible.
CL: He’s had a better run the last few games… his average is .229… hey, I’m sure he had a better run recently.
BEG: I’m telling you, to the same spot every time!
CL: If he does, I’ll buy you (another) beer.
BEG: And… there it is… a pop-up to the first baseman… beer please.
CL: I’m all over it like a fat kid on Cavendish French Fries. (Exits stage left.)
BEG: (to the men behind her – very serious sports guys, discussing Vernon Wells hitting slump…) Wells has hit to exactly the same spot at every at bat for the last three games. He’s totally lost his feel for the ball. (Men agree.)
Super Cute Baseball Fan as he squeezes past BEG: Hey those are really cool sneakers. (my new Nike sneakers… I am so trendy and as such).

Yeah, anyhow, you get the idea… it’s just not the same if you don’t have one sportscaster who at least has a bit of a clue. We were just drunk and rowdy. Anyhow, can’t wait to do it all over again on Thursday… in the good seats!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have so much to talk about... starting with the biggest first date disaster ever!

I think I’ll be talking about the weekend all week. But I’ll give you the most hilarious story first – my date on Friday night.

So I’ve known this guy for a while, but this was our first “date.” We made arrangements to meet at a pub in Yorkville called Hemmingway’s (one of my favorite authors, how could anything go wrong?!). I show up – alright, a few minutes behind schedule, and check the line to see if my dude is queued up. He’s not. So I check with the “line administrator” (he took his job REALLY seriously) so see if I can go up to the patio to see if my guy is there. “You have to wait in line, no exceptions” he barks. Okay then, I queue up with the rest of the thirsty trendy people. TWENTY MINUTES LATER… yeah, I’m a little annoyed. I check my phone – no call. Just then, my dude comes down stairs looking for me. I get out of the line and walk up. No dice – back in line I go, while the dude heads back up on the patio to hold our table. Blah, blah, long story short I finally talk my way upstairs (mostly by showing some cleve and looking sad) and grab a seat on the patio.

I order a beer and we’re chatting away when the waitress heads over, puts my beer down on the table, then spills her entire tray of drinks in my lap. “Look, I didn’t spill your beer,” she says. I am unhappy.

So after waiting in line for over a half hour, having a beautiful Stella beer set down in front of me, I now have to leave the bar to go home and change. This is not a fun time.

Anyhow, without going into a lot of detail on the rest of the evening (‘cause I’m not like that…), we ended up grabbing a few beer out of my fridge and heading up to the roof. So in the end, not a bad night, but definitely the worst start to a date EVER.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

I Shall Be Known For My Ability To Accessorize...

So most of you know that I recently picked up an iPod mini. The justification for this very expensive piece of hardware is my running, of course. I’ve got the Run TO next weekend and that’s only one step in my race to the finish line of a full marathon later this fall. The iPod is an integral part of my training regimen. Despite training with Jean’s Marines, I still run with my iPod on all runs. I’m just one of those people that enjoys running so much more when I have the motivation of Chaka Demus & Pliers “Twist & Shout” or Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” to push me forward.

But I digress… the buying of the iPod has by necessity (by this I mean, my life is so greatly improved by having this that I must have it…) meant that I have had to pick up numerous Monster accessories. Since having thrown down $300+ dollars for the iPod, I’ve spent an additional $50 or so on the Monster cord that allows me to plug into any stereo to play my iPod through it, as well as another $150 on the Monster iTrip cord / charger combo that lets me transmit my iPod music through the stereo in my car. Of course I needed the first because, well, I just did. The iTrip cord / charger were ABSOLUTE necessities because I’m venturing up north this weekend to cottage country (COTTAGE COUNTRY!!! My very first cottage party!).

So I’ve mixed up a “Let's Get Wasted" (to the tune of Take Your Shirt Off) party mix and I’m ready to hit the road with 1,000 of my favorite songs. Greektown’s going to have the time of her life dj-ing for the car. I even threw on Ghetto Superstar for Sporty Spice so we can practice (I’ll sing with you, but we’re still broken up. Just so ya know.).

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good and Not-So-Good

Athlete & Snow Patrol
After a fabulous meal at the Beer Bistro (Wellington & Yonge, I had the steak frites and a Creemore – so good!!), we walked on down to the Kool Haus for Snow Patrol. We strolled in around 9-ish to the sounds of UK indie band, Athlete.

I could have quite happily left after this band – they were worth the full $33.75 price of admission. Not that Snow Patrol wasn’t good – they were… (once they got going and got past the very strange headbanging music). It’s just that I very unexpectedly loved Athlete. A friend recently referred to them as “shoe-gazer” music.” I guess I have to re-name the genre of more than half my iTunes music to Shoe-gazer, because that very accurately describes this difficult-to-classify indie/alternative/rock/pop music that I am seemingly obsessed with (and the ever-present enjoyment of the Arcade Fire / K-OS).

Anyhow, the main attraction – Snow Patrol… I remember a moment last night when I thought – this sounds nothing like what I heard at Coachella… what the hell?! They played a bunch of new material – some of which I really liked and the rest, meh. It just seemed like there was a lot that didn’t fit my expectations. What was good was really good, but on the whole – it was meh. Better luck tonight with Rilo Kiley at the Opera House… I only caught a bit of her show at Coachella (pretty sure my friend’s ears were still bleeding from me singing along to Keane so Rilo Kiley would have put him over the edge). Gotta remember my earplugs (thank you Greektown) or I’m going to end up like the DJ in It’s All Gone Pete Tong (another highlight of Coachella, Day 2 – getting to see the Coke Badger again!!!).

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

All you need to know about... Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Movie: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Director: Alex Gibney
Writer: Alex Gibney
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Website: www.enronmovie.com
Characters: (all portraying themselves)
Ken Lay
Jeff Skilling
Andy Fastow
Lou Pai
Sherron Watkins
Bethany McLean, Fortune Magazine (co-author, The Smartest Guys in the Room)
Peter Elkind (co-author, The Smartest Guys in the Room)

Plot: This is the inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America's 7th largest company walked away with over one billion dollars while investors and employees lost everything.

Comments: I indulged in a guilty pleasure last night and snuck off to a movie by myself. No one seemed particularly enthused about seeing this film, but I was intrigued, having heard bits and pieces about the scandal over the last few years.

Now this was a documentary! Not any of this heavy-handed Michael Moore crap that feels like you’re being hit over the head with a shovel... (don’t get me wrong – love the Michael Moore, but he’s got the subtlety of Emily Gilmourit always feels like you’re watching a mockumentary). Anyhow, back to Enron… walking out of the film, I was following two suits – older, mid-40’s types that probably had Jags and VP titles themselves. Their discussion as we walked out were on the same page as my thoughts… it’s happening again as we speak. And will continue to happen.

It was breathtaking how the filmmaker used “Kenny Boy” and daredevil Jeff’s own words to mold a film that showed greed, hubris and deceit, the likes of which I’d never imagined. I really enjoyed the audio clips of the traders who ultimately became a personality in the film. The cutbacks to Bethany McLean of Fortune Magazine – the writer who initiated the interest in Enron’s cooked books – and co-author Peter Elkind, contributed greatly to the overall flow of the film. This was a great film.

There was no question that Ken and Jeff (it seemed to me that the doc really portrayed Jeff as the ringmaster of evil… Although Ken was never out of the shot, Jeff seemed like more of a leader than Ken) were the bad guys. Furthermore, most of us are familiar with the elements of the Enron story. What this documentary gave me was a painstakingly drawn picture of how these people exploited a system that they helped fill with loopholes, bled the everyday worker to the point that they hung up their own morals and spun non-existent money around until they finally got caught. It was excruciating, exciting and infuriating. I loved it.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Things I love... Part XIV

Here’s why I love Google…. You can pull up my site with Google key words. Did you know that if you type in “k-os VIP Arcade Fire Coachella” that my site comes up first? I enjoy the various tools of Sitemeter and it shows the reference – how people came into my site and it’s hilarious what people type into Google that brings them to me. Someone actually typed in “adult ear infection how to unplug” and got my Coachella entry. Love it!! Alright, enough…

So the Bride came over last night and we just about finished off the cake (pronounced “Cak”) that Greektown and I tore into on Sunday night… don’t worry mother, I made it with Safflower oil and Omega 3 eggs… Perfect with a Margan 2002 late harvest dessert wine. OH SO GOOD!!

I’ve turned into a bit of a music pusher of late (sister Blondie can also attest – did you get your 10 cds yet?) and I had my new iPod plugged into my stereo and was playing, what else… The Arcade Fire. I’m addicted!!! Not to chocolate cake (well, yes to chocolate cake), not to Skydome beer (well, yes, to Skydome – ahem, Rogers Center beer), not to H & M clothes (well, yes, that too, damn it), but what I’m really addicted to is the Arcade Fire CD, Funeral. I play it in the car, on my iPod, on iTunes at work… constantly. I haven’t played a cd this much since Joyful Rebellion (which I still play constantly)… I love it. The whole thing! Stop being difficult and go out and buy it!

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Monday, May 16, 2005

I've pulled what muscle??

I had absolutely the best run on Saturday morning… we were rounding the corner of College and Ozzington, maybe 2 kms into our 10 km run and I just knew that it was going to be a breeze. You know when you feel like you could run forever (run Forest, run!)… well that’s how I felt at the end of my 10 km run. Which is something considering I got 5 hours sleep and was a little drunk when my head hit the pillow (poker night on the roof with the boys).

During the last km, as I was running down Bay Street, I started to feel a pain in my chest/back. It hurt to take a breath. By the time I stopped, the pain was really bad. The non-official diagnosis (we have girls with medical training and marathon veterans who’ve seen every injury) was a strained intercostals muscle. Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve heard of that muscle too. No surprise, it’s on my weak side (the car accident side). My first running injury!

So I headed home, downed some food and got right into the NSAIDs (I love Relafen) and started applying heat. I basically slept the entire day – on my back because I couldn’t breathe when laying on my side. Yahun, that was comfortable…

So the weirdest part about the whole thing is that I woke up on Sunday morning and it was so much better. By the time I went to bed last night I felt normal again. Very weird. So I’m still popping pills because the bum neck is a bit twingy, but I actually feel like I could run today. I’m going to try to get into physio anyway, because obviously I need some strengthening exercises, but I’m so relieved that it’s not anything more serious. It sure felt like it on Saturday! So all is not lost, I’ll still be able to kick it at the Run TO (picking up my race kit tonight!).

Looks like an exciting week shaping up… Snow Patrol and Rilo Kiley this week and heading out of town to my very first Toronto Cottage Party this weekend!!! I so love this city. Are you pumped? Are you ready? I’m practicing my part of Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart (I love that I get to be Kiki Dee!)… Don’t you wish you were coming?!

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Friday, May 13, 2005

At Some Point Every Blogger Writes About Writing...

Just a quick note to all of you out there… those of you that I know and hang out with and those mysterious readers whom I’ve not met and likely never will…

The whole reason I started this thing way back in Jan’05, was because I read something that so piqued my interest that I had to share it. Having just read an article on blogging a few days previous in Fortune Magazine (which I LOVE… even more than Flare and Elle, which I also read every month), I decided to set up my own site and send out my thoughts via my own page. I’ve always been a writer – journals and that sort of thing, except for a rather prolific stage in junior high / high school when I had all sorts of poems and short stories on the go. The way that I write in my blog is exactly the same way that I write in my journal (except that I swear A LOT in my journal) – very stream of consciousness, as though I were relating a conversation or story out loud.

I am personally fascinated with the challenge of maintaining anonymity, yet sharing meaningful things with you. There are so many times when I’ve wanted to post photos and the like, but it crosses the line of what I am willing to share. I feel like I can talk about my high cholesterol, broken heart, family dramas, relationship snafus, man of my dreams, adventures and obsessions because at the end of the day… there’s still so much that I’m not saying on the page. Those that know me well are able to piece the everyday BEG together with the online BEG and see more than I’d ever be able to share in person. Those of you that don’t know me as well, or are my blog acquaintances see a side of me that I wouldn’t easily share with people I know.

I love that I have regulars to the pages… even some who think to send b-day wishes (thank you That Girl7278! Check out her site, which I visit several times per week: http://thatgirl7278.blogspot.com/). When I write every day, it’s with all of you in mind. When I post something especially personal, like the sportscast the other day (that was damn near verbatim… if anyone was sitting next to us and reads me – well, I’ll be outed), my piece on cholesterol or even my plan to fling my way through 2005, I do so hoping that you’ll all hear it the same way I do as I’m writing it. Although many of you comment on the site (which I LOVE) and still others chat with me in person about it, I still always wonder if everyone gets me.

Anyhow, that’s enough of the sappiness… I’m not a terribly heart-on-my sleeve person (that may be understating things) so in case you’re not getting me right now – this is me… shouting out to you… thanks for hanging, and assuming you’re still a glutton for punishment… see ya next week.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not the Hair!

Going to a new hairstylist is like going out on a first date. I love my current stylist, however the East Coast is quite a distance to travel – even if I do get a fabulous color. I managed to get through most of my first year without going to anyone new in Toronto, but I think my hopes in regard to Ms. Bermuda moving here so she can do my hair, have officially died. I now have to find a new stylist… I recently tried someone up at Fiorio (Yonge & St. Clair), but I found it kind of faceless. Too many people! I like a small shop where I am inevitably the center of attention (oh, quelle surprise!). So tonight I have an appointment at a spot in Little Italy. Apparently quite a trendy shop, the stylist was recommended to me by my boss’s wife. Gotta trust those fellow East Coasters!

So in preparation, I got up early this morning and did my hair – no, I DID my hair – used all 6 styling products, including the shine spray. I feel compelled to make a good first impression. Also, I want to trick the stylist into not cutting much off my length (I haven’t had a haircut since January so I know they’re going to want at least two precious inches… it will kill me!). I have a very sad attachment to my hair… it’s really, really long and perfect. After years of fuzzy, yucky hair, Ms. Bermuda transformed it into straight, shiny, soft, toss it around in a hair commercial hair. I’m nervous to let anyone else touch it.

So, okay, I’m not really that vain about my hair. Well, maybe a bit. But the real reason this is such a big deal is because I’ve been here for a year (at the end of May) and a stylist is the very last thing I have to find before I can officially say this is home. I’ve found a dry cleaner, I’ve got my regular gas station/carwash, a decent route to work, I’ve definitely nailed down all shopping and eating related spots… I’ve even found an esthetician who does sugaring… I’ve got it all except the hair. If things work out with my new person… well, Toronto officially becomes home. Hmmm... happy and sad.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We Got Game

Sometimes at the Jays games, Sporty Spice and I pretend that we’re sportscasters

SS – Manitoban Cory Koskie hits one to deep right field and heads to first base… Hillenbrand is safe at second.
BEG – I like Koskie, his pants are tight.
SS – First baseman Hinske steps up to the plate…. He’s deep in the count 3 balls, 2 strikes… oh! A swing and a miss for Hinske!
BEGHinske’s an idiot.
SS Hinske’s not an idiot.
BEG – Here’s a Little Known Fact: if you took the average salary of an oufielder and divided it by the number of errors each fielder has through the run of the year that each error would “cost” $10,000?
SS – I did not know that… Shortstop Russ Adams at the plate now.
BEG – I like Russ Adams… I like shortstops… I want to marry Derek Jeter.
SS – Shut up.
BEG – Oh, Russ Adams is 6’1, I like that… wait a minute… he was born in 1980???? That means he’s 10!!! I can’t go out with him… we’re broken up.
SS – 10? Wait a minute.. broken up?
BEG – Oh look! He hit a home run! I love you Russ Adams!!!
SS – I hate you.
BEG – Are you mad at me? Are we fighting?
SS – We’re fighting.
BEG – How about now? Are we fighting now?
SS – You have pizza on your shirt.
BEG – I have popcorn in my shirt. (hiccup) I’m drunk.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Type

Vermont Girl recently pointed out that “my type” of guy can be best described as “cuddly.” I love it!!! You know, anyone that I’ve liked for more than 5 minutes could be described that way! Epiphany courtesy of Vermont Girl

So this got me to reflecting on the other attributes “my type” typically has. Hmmm… what am I looking for out there – consciously or unconsciously…

I guess that every guy I’ve dated in the last few years has without exception been passionate about what they do. I am (typically, but not so much this last little while) always very into my job and can’t understand why people spend time doing things they don’t love. I also seem to choose friends that are very close to their families. I like this a lot about people, not just boyfriends. I think it says so much! Hmm, what else… looks have never been a thing with me (except with Ebola, and what did we learn from that??? Don’t date men that have a more intense grooming routine than you! And I use upwards of 5 hair products! Uh, high maintenance, right here.). Yup, tall, short, don’t care (I’ve dated a number of guys that are my height when I’m in flats – and how often am I in flats!!). Ah, hair color, don’t care… (Though I’m really, really not into long hair on a man), hair style – well, Fanny Pack had hockey hair so there you go… I was a haircut away from dating a dude with a mullet (awesome!). And Fanny Pack also broke down the whole fashion vanity thing… Wear whatever the hell you want! (Besides, I get more attention if I’m the one all geared up anyway… After all, it is all about me…)

At the end of the day, I like a guy who likes himself and has a lot of self confidence. That’s much more reliable than the guy who just happened to be born good looking, you know? Besides, if they’re too Metro I end up peeling SJ Flames off them anyway (big fan of the dry hump) and I’m just not into competing!! What else… oh, I guess your typical stuff – sense of humor, really, really smart, athletic… I think that’s it… well that and the deal breaker – that he has his own life and isn’t threatened by mine.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

I Love Birthday Weekends!

I did all of my favorite things this weekend… it was the perfect way to celebrate the big day! We went bowling (Big Ball Glow Bowling…), we did the Madison, hit the Jays game on Saturday (and laughed my ass off, thanks Sporty Spice!), sat on the patio at the Bier Market afterwards drinking really yummy apricot beer (highly recommended – Quebec beer, I think) and eating a chocolate cheesecake thing that I’d like to marry. Top that with a trip to one of my favorite Toronto restaurants, the Beer Bistro (King & Yonge) and it was the perfect weekend.

Just so ya know… I did the shoulder move to the Canadian Idol tv crew on Saturday, down on Front Street and I think that they’re going to recruit Sporty Spice and I to do a duet… we’ve come up with the following songs as our duet options: Islands in the Stream, (which turns into Ghetto Superstar halfway through), I Don’t Know Much (Aaron Neville & Linda Rondstadtyou should hear Sporty Spice – he does a MEAN Aaron Neville…) and Opposites Attract, (Paula Abdul & Scat Cat). Coming soon to a TV near you…

Finally, some words of advice – Do Not See Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy… I wanted to kill myself. Even Mos Def and the cutie from the office didn’t make this bearable. Boo hiss.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Not Ready To Hold Yet...

Although my Super Sexy Hottie Tottie Twin (SSHTT) will kill me for saying this (Ha!!! Have to come to Toronto to do that beyatch!!) I (we) am turning 29 on Sunday. One year closer to 30! You know… as a little girl, I never imagined that at the fabulous age of 29 that I would living in a great apartment in downtown Toronto doing silly stuff like jet setting to LA to concerts (when I’m already seeing everything coming though here). But I digress…

This is a way better version of the life I saw for myself! I have really great friends both back home and here – really fantastic people whom I learn from each day and my family is amazing as well, even if I still miss my Dad every day. And contrary to popular belief back on the East Coast, in Toronto, it’s okay to be late 20’s / early 30’s and still be singe (and like it!). I guess it’s really this part that’s so much different than how I imagined. See if you can follow my train of thought…

I’ve never really wanted to get married and really don’t want children. I’ve felt this way ever since I can remember (my Barbie always made more money than Ken and had her own house). But even though that’s the way I’ve always thought, I still for some reason thought I’d end up shacked up with someone by now. It felt inevitable because everyone else I knew was married and / or living together and it’s what every guy I’ve ever gone out with wanted (even Fanny Pack turned into one of those guys at the end, despite being so independent). I think I thought I’d get tired of fighting it.

It’s not that I want to stay single forever either. I just don’t want to feel like I’m missing something before I have to settle down (and grow the hell up). It probably doesn’t help that I have this very idealistic view of what my perfect relationship is… I just want to be with someone who has their own life, their own friends, and who leaves me to do my own stuff. I recently described this to a friend of mine as living two separate lives together. Surprised that I’m single???!!

I guess because I feel like I’m living my life exactly as I want to, having made (I think) all the right decisions to get here, that I don’t have to hate getting older. I love that each year I get to do even more incredible stuff. My lifestyle is such that I have the freedom and flexibility to anything I want, anytime that I want. So I’m not ready to start lying about my age even if it does piss me off that I have a ton of grey hair (and pay a ton of money to cover it!!).

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Coachella - DAY TWO

We took our time getting out the door on Day Two – the first band of the day was Sloan and they weren’t on until 2-ish… Once again we follow our secret back way in to the site and once again… no traffic. We ended up in a parking lot further back because we came in so much later, but no fear, some very friendly (and intoxicated) southern California dudes with an obsession with hi-fiving offered us a ride in on the back of a service truck they’d bribed to drive them in. Score! After getting through the Narc security guard at the gates, we ran to the Sloan show in the Mojave Tent just in time to catch the last 5 songs… gotta love a guy who’s so into his own show that he licks his microphone stand… Once again, a ton of Canadians!

Oh Canada was a bit of a theme for us on Day Two – we grabbed a bit of food with some guys from Windsor while listening to killer DJ Diplo then the Scarborough Married Couple and Greektown left to go see MIA while I went to catch the beginning of Kasabian’s set (great) before ending up back at MIA. Greektown and I laid on the grass in the shade and listened to a rather mournful Jem before meeting back up with the Scarborough Married Couple to listen to a few Bravery tunes. We left the Bravery to head over to Tegan & Sara who were pretty good… our main reason for catching their show was to queue up for the Arcade Fire who were up immediately after T & S.

Ah, the Arcade Fire… we were within about 8-10 people back from the stage… of about 10,000 – 15,000 people who caught the show. It was AMAZING!!! I was totally caught up in the excitement of the show – it radiated out from the stage. Whether it was one of the band members putting on a motorcycle helmet and climbing the rigging of the stage, or another guy following him up and the two beating on each other with drum sticks or the whole band lined up across the stage and singing their hearts out even without a mike… they were incredible! The music was absolutely amazing… they played mostly from their album Funeral, although they did play No Cars Go from their EP as well. The last song… Rebellion (Lies), felt like a storm swept across the stage – there was so much energy coming from each of them that it was like the only thing happening in the whole world was happening on that stage. Love them!

After the Arcade Fire, Greektown and I headed to New Order / Merch Tent / New Order (we had to keep running back to New Order to dance…). After New Order was British Sea Power then The Faint. We lasted all of 10 seconds in the Wolf Eyes tent before RUNNING out of there in fear… too much death metal!

As we were ducking out of Wolf Eyes, we ran into Sarah from the Arcade Fire along with the other violinist… gushing ensued… I feel like superfan! We headed over to catch the Black Star set before catching the last song or two of Bright Eyes. On our way back to the Adult Jungle Gym (our meeting spot) we met the lead singer and the other girl of the Arcade Fire… more gushing… they seemed pumped at the fact that we were down from Canada to see them.

So all in all, a very intense musical experience… it’s funny – I was on Ticketmaster / Rotate This this morning looking at all the shows coming up in TO (and scoring tix to Matt Mays/ The Dears / Martha Wainwright) and so many of them are ones that I just saw at Coachella. Greektown is already talking about next year’s trip… don’t think I can resist!

Check out what the NYT had to say...

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coachella - DAY ONE

We’re up, we’re pumped and we’re on our way in, following our secret back way in to the festival site that one of our concert pals found on the message boards… So much to our amazement, our two and a half hour drive ended up taking a grand total of, wait for it… wait for it… 15 minutes. We ended up at the gates before they even opened!

So we start off by getting the lay of the land – checking out how long it will take to jog from the Main Stage where Buck 65 (from Halifax!) is playing to the Gobi Tent where K-OS is playing… the two overlapped but we wanted both. I love that this is the kind of problem I’m dealing with today!

So we catch Buck 65 who opened the Main Stage (!!) and the K-OS set which were both great – lots of Canadians at both which was so much fun! Then off to Ambulance Ltd. in the tent next door – despite having seen them the week previous, I enjoyed them so much that I had to hear them again! From there, off to Snow Patrol, then Keane, whom I love and who I think made everyone else’s ears bleed (poor Guitar Dude who had met up with us at this point – not exactly his thing – and despite that I couldn’t help but sing along!). We all hit f the Rilo Kiley set then Guitar Dude and I wandered down to the DJ tent to catch a bit of UNKLE. Our gang then hit the Café Tacuba set while Guitar Dude went off in search of four VIP bracelets for us. Next stop… VIP Lounge!!

So beers in hand, we wander the VIP lounge in search of an empty sofa. In our wandering we passed such people as Danny Devito, Scott Speedman (Greektown reports that he walked by us a total of six times… she’s got real potential as a stalker…), and I missed this one – being too comfortable on the sofa with my long lost friend – the girls ran into one of the Backstreet Boys. Oh Hell Yes! And being the music idiot – I’m sure lots of other musicians strolled by as well, but I was otherwise occupied.

So we split up – the Scarborough Married Couple and Greektown headed to Bloc Party and we followed not long after (yet another must-see band). We couldn’t get into the tent – not the only Bloc Party admirers – so we hung outside… so good! Then we wandered down to the DJ tent for a little rave music and crazy light show before meeting up with the gang at the Adult Jungle Gym (a piece of artwork that served as our meeting place throughout the festival).

Anyhow, the rest of the night was beautiful – Greektown, Guitar Dude and I headed off to listen to Coldplay under the desert stars! When does anyone ever get to have this much fun? After meeting up with the Scarborough Married Couple (who opted for Chemical Brothers over Coldplay), our gang headed back to our hotel. DAY ONE.

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What Really Happened...

So here it is… the dirt on the trip. So you know that I headed off into LA, deaf in my right ear due to an ear infection from flying with a cold earlier in the week. Not exactly a shining start to the trip… I did however have a bag full of prescriptions and tickets to the concert of my dreams so really… why on earth am I complaining?

My last pre-departure post had me sitting in the Air Canada Lounge, getting ready to head to the gate. That’s when things started to turn around. I queued up to get on the plane and notice a few “shaggy haired” dudes as Greektown would call them, boarding with what looked to me to be musical instrument type stuff. You know, the sort of thing say, the Arcade Fire might have if they were to happen to be on the same flight as me…

I’m sitting in my window seat, watching people stream onto the plane when I spot this girl coming down the aisle with a violin case… alright, enough lead up – Sarah from the Arcade Fire sat next to me on the flight to LA. I nearly threw up in my mouth. Now although I think we’ve determined I’m rotten around celebrity type people, aside from calling Sarah a beyatch, (when I told her I was from Atlantic Canada, she asked if I wore a fanny pack – I took offense… then told her about my ex, Fanny Pack) I think I was pretty okay. Oh and well, other than getting a photo with her… I don’t think I was very cool then either… damn! Anyhow, she was soooo nice and we chatted for much of the trip. It was incredible hearing about where they’ve been, about their label, where they’re going etc…

So I’m the most pumped ever… one of THE bands I’m going to LA to see is on my flight! This bodes well for the weekend. So we head off to Palm Desert via Newport Beach (watch much OC??!). We got in to our hotel around 10:30 or so and started planning for Saturday – the first day of the festival. The hotel staff, quite familiar with the festival – suggested we leave about 2 ½ hours ahead of when we wanted to be at the site – despite only being 10 miles away! Traffic is legendary at this festival… Ouch!

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Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm alive!!! And in the carpool lane!

We're on our way back to the airport after an absolutely incredible weekend.
The festival was perfect... There are no other words! I'll post in much
more detail over the next few days but what you need to know is: no, my ear
did not unplug, yes, I saw every band that I wanted to, yes, we had some
celebrity encounters, yes, I met up with my guitar friend that played at
the festival and no, 601, I didn't meet Coldplay!

So stay tuned this week as I regale you with stories about our really
amazing trip...

Wow, I hope there's a musician sitting next to me on the flight home too!

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