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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You're Just Not Being Mean Enough? Re-Writing THE Rules

I recently re-saw the Sex In The City episode where Berger says to MirandaHe’s just not that into you.” This revelatory statement, now an entire book, was quite interesting to see in its original context. Just a warning here: I have not read the book (of the same name, and still on the Non-Fiction Top Ten best seller list) - because I have a brain and a university degree and getting married is not my ultimate goal in life – if someone can convince me that the book is hilarious and ironic and tongue in cheek, I will, but so far everyone thinks it’s gospel. Boo hiss.

Anyhow – it just seems to me that this is common sense. If someone is calling me and I don’t have any interest – I just don’t call back. Isn’t that enough? If I really like someone, I make plans with them. Pretty clear? So why all of a sudden does this “he’s just not that into you” resonate with so many people? Isn’t it pretty obvious? How many guys turn down the opportunity to get some action if they’re the slightest bit interested? Um, none?

I can’t understand why women need this drivel to help define their dating rules/parameters. But then again, I can’t understand why straight women go to Hooters (thank you Greektown for the observation).

SJ Flames and I have discussed writing our own version of THE RULES… called You’re Just Not Being Mean Enough. Some of the Chapter Titles may be…

  • If I Really Like You I’ll Turn Off My Phone
  • If I Pick Up The Cheque It Means I Really Do Like You
  • Just Because I Didn’t Give You My Number Doesn’t Mean I’m Challenging You To Track It Down
  • Of Course There’s A Reason Why You’ve Never Picked Me Up At My Home…
  • Dressing In Layers On a First Date… Why This Makes Sense

May also have a Bonus Pull-Out Emergency Section covering such situations as:

  • How jump out of a washroom window without snagging your stockings
  • How to get the upper hand on a first date
  • How to run in 4 inch Prada heels if the date goes really badly

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