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Monday, April 11, 2005

You Win This One Ebola...

When I moved here, Ebola (somewhat of a rage-a-holic on the road – he’s like the worst characterization of someone with Tourettes) said that there was no way that I would be able to drive every day in Toronto and maintain my spotless record of no obscene gestures. I HATE being wrong! I have been living in Toronto for nearly a year now and yesterday, for the very first time in my life, I gave someone the finger. It was a gut reaction – I didn’t realize I’d done it until it was all over…

Julep was lamenting (read as: Be-yatching) over some delayed packages and sent me this email:

Nothing EVER gets here (Pennsylvania) from there (New Brunswick) in a day. Basically, it goes down like this:

FedEx: Hello?
Our Company: Yeah, we’d like something shipped overnight from New Brunswick, Canada to Pennsylvania, please.
FedEx: Shyeah, right! Like we’re gonna get your frigging ebola candy through customs in less than 24 hours! Keep dreamin’, suckers! Hey, Hank, get a load of this one…
Our Company: I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks!

Love it! So the 80’s party was much fun – I only wish I’d looked that good back then… I had a brand new experience over the weekend – Karaoke. Somehow the gang got me drunk enough that I reluctantly agreed to be dragged to one of these little places in the Bloor / Bathurst area where each group gets their own room where they can wail away in anonymity. One question, who in the hell kept putting the damn microphone in my hand?!

Finally, I saw Sin City over the weekend… the review follows.

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