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Friday, April 29, 2005

You have got to be kidding!

I am in the Air Canada lounge, having a drink (orange juice - let me
explain) and waiting to jump on my flight to California. I am, of course,
pumped to be going, but sadly, the trip is off to a terrible start. I'm
deaf in one ear.

I started a terrible cold on Monday and against my better judgement, flew to
Quebec City Tuesday night. When I landed, my right ear was plugged. When I
got on the plane to come home on Wednesday, it was still plugged.

Now I've flown hundreds of times, many times with a cold and normally
popping a few Sudafeds and or Claritins does the trick. In fact I never
travel without them in my bag. So when I got back to my apartment, I called
TeleNurse, and described my symptoms. She suggested Afrin, a nasal
decongestant and told me to call back in 48 hrs if it wasn't better.

This morning, I woke up still plugged and really panicky. I decided to call
a drop-in clinic. The wait wasn't long so I headed down. Long story short,
I have an ear infection and I'm now taking two antibiotics to clear it (it
being the "thick mucous" in my ear canal). If all goes well, I might be
cleared up in a few days.

So it seems I've paid $250 for a concert I'll only partially hear. The good
new is that I won't need earplugs!

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