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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What are the REAL rules?

How many people can a person date at once? Two? Four?

It has occurred to me that if the current dude can calm down a bit, that some of my flings are going to overlap. One has been a fling in the making since January, albeit from a distance and then there’s the current dude (if he makes it past the weekend). Oh yeah and there’s one more that I’m seeing this weekend that I might kiss. Anyway, it’s gotten me to thinking… (you're probably thinking that I need help!). These really have no potential beyond flings (prevailing factors include distance/practicality in one case, I think a lack of interest on my part in the other – that and I don’t like to hold hands and the last is too soon to tell).

Add to all of that, the fact that at the best of times I barely manage one relationship – what of two or three? Are any actually relationships? I guess only I can answer that one… I think the distance one is ultimately a long-term friendship that has temporary or (even better) interim fling potential (because of the distance, the fling part will not affect the long-term viability of said friendship) and the other two are more like the transition guys? Too early to tell. One thing is certain…the next weeks are going to be interesting. Don't worry Maman, I'm not turning into a hoochie!

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