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Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend Roundup

So… I have a few things to chat about today… mostly housekeeping, as is so frequently the case on a Monday. A few interesting websites came to my attention late last week and they are so spectacular that I really must suggest that you visit them…

For any and all that are rabid Trailer Park Boys fans… man I love those guys (did you see last night’s episode – an old one where Randy and Mr. Lahey come out of the closet… Randy’s dressed as a bee and Mr. Lahey is (to quote Ricky) “Indianapolis Jones” – What's not to love!). If you consider yourself to be a fan… test your knowledge. Just so you know – I got a 10 (of course I did).

Click here to visit CBC.ca Arts: http://www.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/quiz/quiz.cgi?quiz=arts_trailerpark

In other news… my next party will be… wait for it… PROM 2005!!! We’re still working out the details in terms of the date, however it looks like we’ll wait until after real prom so that we girlies can pick up reject dresses for next to nothing (I’m seeing sequins). The date I’m throwing out right now is either the July long weekend (say Sunday night) or July 16th, after the Cat Lady’s moved up. Just in case you need some inspiration… here’s a link to dress suggestions – imagine yourself slow dancing to REO Speedwagon wearing one of these things…


Finally… Greektown and I hit Yorkdale on Saturday to buy Coachella wear (only 4 sleeps!!!), eat at the Rainforest Café (OMG, how much fun was that!) and see a movie. It was an interesting afternoon at the mall as there was a fire in the theater and they and several stores had to close down. We had pre-purchased our tickets and snacks for the film (review to follow: A Lot Like Love) and were SOL when they closed down because they couldn’t do refunds. So we hit the café, stuffed our faces on fried clams (how is this not the best day ever) and ducked back upstairs to see if they’d re-opened. They had. We steeled ourselves for the hassle of getting our money back for the snacks and getting new tickets. This kind of thing is always a pain.

What a surprise! We walked up to the counter, we were sent to the manager and waited while he walked around to the various counters getting our refunds and then gave us coupons for a free show because of the inconvenience. You know, being a bit of a dabbler in customer service myself right now, I really appreciate being well taken care of. Job well done Famous Players

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