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Friday, April 22, 2005

To the Narc In Row 2: SUCK IT!

So First Jays game last night… my pal Sporty Spice (look, I know this is a lame name, I've got nothing!!! I'm taking suggestions!) and I headed over to the new and improved Rogers Center (formerly known as the Skydome) to mix and mingle with the scalpers (I have the hardest time with the word scalpers – I’m forever wanting to call them stalkers…) to pick up tickets on the 3rd baseline close to my future husband Derek Jeter. We walk up to the scrum of scalpers (stalkers) and ask around for 3rd base tickets.

This stalker dude comes up and flashes us tickets – section 128, right on 3rd base bag, ROW 1, SEATS 102-102. All for the low, low price of $75 each. I’m immediately like, “Uh what else ya got, I’m not spending $75.” So Stalker dude is like, “what will you pay?” “$40.Stalker dude takes a call and walks away. Sporty Spice whispers, “are you okay with $50?” His eyes are shining at the mere thought of being in whisper distance of some of the best baseball players currently playing. “These are REALLY good tickets.” So Stalker dude comes back and I offer him $50. We close at $55. Not my best negotiating ever, but still less than we would have paid at the box office, so we’re ahead of the game and officially in the best seats in the history of the world.

So after much jumping up and down in excitement and having purchased our bigger-better-than-ever sized beers, we meander down, and down and down the aisle to the best seats ever. I’ve got to say, I was pumped! Like, edge of my seat pumped. Which apparently rubbed Narc in Row 2 the wrong way because Jeter hadn’t even stepped up to the plate when all of a sudden I’m being pounded on the shoulder and this woman is YELLING at at me to sit back in my chair because she can’t see. Typical Maritimer (damn my good manners and polite upbringing!), I say, “oh sorry, I didn’t know,” and sit back in my seat. And start to fume.

I am pissed. I’d like to turn around and call her a big fat be-yatch, but then common sense prevails and I realize that I'd just be sinking to her level. Why try to ruin her game just because she rained a little on mine?

Ultimately, we cracked a few at her expense between ourselves, drank our beers, (several of them), and loved every minute of the game. I even got to yell “Derek Jeter Take Your Shirt Off!” (it’s kind of one of my expressions, ya gotta know me to get this one), after which the girl behind me laughing, says to her boyfriend, “Well my ticket just paid for itself!Nice to know I added some value to a few people’s night…

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