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Thursday, April 28, 2005

RUN TO - Nike 10 km and I'm a sucker for a good advertisement

If you live in the city and have eyes, you’ve seen the hilarious advertisements for the Nike RUN TO 10 km race on Center Island www.RunTO.ca. Taking place on May 29th, Run TO sounds much more like a party than a serious race… a dj, battle of the bands, beer tent… hello, I was born to “run” this race! I wonder what they have at the “water” stations…

The city is absolutely covered in posters, billboards, stickers and radio ads. They’re everywhere and they’re great. Basically, the ads are premised on one ‘hood' challenging another… “Cute outfits Rosedale, but can you run in them – Church Street”, “Enough with the carbs Little Italy, hit the pavement – East York,” “FYI Yorkville, shopping isn’t cardio – Annex.” I love these ads! What can I say? I’m an easy sell… I’m missing the Sporting Life 10km because I’m in LA so this is the perfect pick-up race (definitely a lot more entertaining than the Mississauga 10km). Conveniently, it’s the same weekend as the Ottawa Capital race, so we all know who won’t be at RUN TO!

Now the downside to this race is that it sounds like one, big fat opportunity to sell / push Nike products on 10,000 captive people. On the upside, I am totally in the market for new runners and they’ll have a spot set up where you can throw on a pair of sneakers and take them out for a trial run. That is such a great idea! I spent $250 on my last pair and had no guarantee that they would be the right ones. So I guess I’m just one girl who’s ready to be marketed to! Run TO – sold! Buy new runners – sold! Grab a few pairs of Dry Fit shorts – sold! I’m too easy.

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