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Thursday, April 21, 2005

OverDose of Fun (OMG, Fromage...)

Any night that starts with the rusty bucket is a good night! Are we the only ones who (literally) scream with delight when they’re using the huge rusty bucket to offload sugar from Russian tankers into the Redpath sugar refinery?

Last night was the launch party for Dose, (www.dose.ca), the new CanWest daily that Greektown writes for… I have not had that much fun in forever! Also in appearance at last night’s event was the gang from AOL, (shout out to Scallywag, I’m With Lucky, Out of Africa and Noogie) which always makes for the most fun ever. We arrived at the Guvernment last night to a party that was very much underway and peopled with a nice mix of suits (yummy) and grunge (dead to me).

We had a few VIP bracelets that we passed around so we could keep a steady supply of free booze flowing. Eventually I charmed a seriously cute boy into giving me a few extra bracelets so we could all hang out upstairs with the beautiful people… (and the aforementioned free booze). There were a few fun people in attendance (sadly Nelly Furtado was a no-show), Jian Ghomeshi from CBC’s The Hour being one highlight… I’m getting lots better at these kinds of encounters too – I mentioned his SXSW piece then introduced him to Greektown so they could “discuss amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic… The Junos, representative of current Canadian talent or have they missed the mark by not looking at artists like BSS, the Stars etc…? Discuss.”

The talent was Talib Kweli, a hip hop artist who brought along fantastic bboy breakdancers. I have to say, old school breakdancing just makes me so happy. The show was great.

All in all, a fabulous evening of music, mingling, drinks and dancing. I met some really, really cute boys - my stomach is still doing flip-flops over the dude who sells advertising for the TO StarOMG yummy! – and bracelet boy was pretty cute too. Oh wait I already said that…

Anyhow, a fabulous night that oddly enough ended with me getting a noogie… didn’t expect that did you? (Oh, I am soooo not letting go of that, so suck it up and drag your broken calf muscles to the RUN TO so Scallywag, Y&NE and I can all beat you. Ya heard me! Bossy much?).

First Jays game tonight… I’m pumped! I love you Derek Jeter!!!

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