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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm A Sheep

I’m a sheep… I’m a follower… I just ordered an IPod Mini. All the cool kids have them and now so will I! Because I ordered it from www.apple.ca, I got to have it laser engraved for free… it says… B/E/G… Dance like nobody’s watching. A bit of a shout-out to my mother who loves that poem.

So I am very busily organizing my music, downloading all my new stuff (The Postal Service, The Hidden Cameras, Feist and many more), making playlists for running and the like. I’m pumped!! I promised myself that I would get a bigger/ better MP3 player once I’d run my 10 km race last year and took my sweet time looking for exactly the right player (it came down to the IPod Mini versus the RIO Carbon). This whole organizing gig is something else… I had no idea that I had that much music! Nor that my musical tastes were quite that eclectic… ranging from the super trendy to Kenny Rogers, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Moxie Fruvous, et al. Nice mix…

In miscellaneous news… I heard from my former neighbors (also known as The Girls Next Door) yesterday via postcard… they’ve nearly completed their trek across Canada to lovely Victoria BC. I can’t wait to visit! Seriously… November! Cowgirl… can you meet me out there?

Speaking of visiting… can’t wait for Coachella… only 10 days!!!! Uh, pumped much?! I hope to set up to blog via BlackBerry. Won’t that be fun… IS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE GOING TO COACHELLA? I feel kind of silly that I never asked that before… oh well, as always, it’s all about me!

Finally, it looks like we’ll have a guest blogger next week as I’m stuck in BF Quebec City (trade show… boo hiss). He’s a bit shy about this so let’s be friendly and comment, ‘kay?

Thanks for playing along!

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