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Monday, April 18, 2005

I Love Gavin DeGraw

So Greektown, our very trendy music snob, music writer, girl about town, got dragged (rather good spiritedly) to the Gavin DeGraw show at the Opera House on Thursday night. The place was sold out, with a surprising number of men hanging around, but make no mistake – a predominantly female crowd. The “Mom set” was out in full force, as were the “I can’t believe they’re able to drink, they look too young” crowd. It was a pretty predictable show – he played mostly from his cd “Chariot,” however he also had a few other songs, very in the style of perennial B/E/G favorite Jonny Langgreat bluesy stuff that you could actually hear because the screaming girls had nothing to sing along to.

Much to Greektown’s chagrin, I had several sing-along moments myself… DeGraw hysteria was infectious, what can I say?! There was serious eye rolling from Greektown at some very questionable rhyming lyrics (drink / think, smoke / joke). It was actually a ton of fun to go to that sort of concert – it gets tiring always going to shows where EVERYONE is so poser and unquestionably more cool than me. Despite the fact that I have seen in excess of 20 very trendy bands / concerts in the last year – I still enjoy the very silly teen pop show.

I am quite surprised that no panties got thrown on stage – it really was that kind of show. Maybe Toronto people aren’t into that sort of thing… just me? Really? Am I the only person who’s thrown a bra on stage and hit someone (Tom Jones) in the crotch area?!

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