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Friday, April 01, 2005

How to be friends with a guy (if you're a girl)???

Does anyone else have this problem? You really like hanging out with a guy(s), but you have no romantic interest in them. You suspect that there might be an interest on their part to go down that road. You can’t/don’t want to. How can this be handled?

This happened to me recently (again) and, as with all boy/girl relationship issues, I acted like a complete ass. (It’s my specialty.) We were hanging out, things were said and it was one of those situations where even though you really, really like the person, you can’t become involved with them… My reasons were numerous and mostly relating to me cleaning up the Ebola mess and needing flings (see January’s resolution post) instead of relationships, and him being too nice to risk flinging and losing as a friend (but I digress).

Anyhow, I am no less determined to fling my way through 2005 without finding the perfect man… which means inevitably that all the perfect guys that I’m friends with and that I should want to marry and live happily ever after with (if I was the marrying kind) – well they stand no chance! So how do you get past a mutual attraction and stay friends? How do you explain to someone that they are too perfect / nice / good looking / funny etc… to date and that you’d prefer to waste your time on shallow, meaningless relationships for a while because it’s just what you need right now? Does anyone understand that? Does this make sense to anyone? I might be an idiot.

Coming up soon… how will I know I’m ready to date someone I really like? When Greektown doesn’t have to talk to them for me…(poor Hottie Director).

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