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Monday, April 04, 2005


Clean-up from the weekend… I ran my second 5 km race of the year on Saturday… the most miserable time I’ve ever had! It was slushing – a mix of wet, icy snow and freezing rain pelted us as we ran a slick course through High Park. My time was not terrible given the weather/circumstances… those who know the real me will find my time around the 31:00 area… as always, I’m middle of the pack for my age group!! http://www.canadarunningseries.com/results/2005/sro/spring5k.htm.

The only good thing about this race was that as we crossed the finish line, they called out our names… they’ve never done that at any of my other races, not even the 10km. And afterwards, I met Jean (of JeansMarines). So despite the raging headache, the sore throat and general malaise that I still feel, I guess it was worth it! At least none of my other races will be anywhere near as miserable as this!

The Junos were last night… our friends K-OS and company cleaned up – winning 3/3, including best Rap Album (Joyful Rebellion) and Best Single of the year (Crabbuckit)… their performance last night was amazing (bit of a crush now (again!) actually)… FYI, it looks like Crucial is the new single. For any US readers… they’re hitting the road in the US in mid-April with Handsome Boy Modeling School. Please, please do yourself a favor and pick up their cd http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002TLCFG/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/701-9012922-1087557 and see their show!!! See one of my January blogs for a write-up of the last show I saw of theirs… and see the Pollstar link for dates… http://www.pollstar.com/tour/searchall.pl?Content=A-KOS&Date_From=Today&Date_To=04-04-2007&By=Artist&PSKey=Y&StartSearch.x=11&StartSearch.y=11. I heard a rumor that they might be coming back through here in June… stay tuned for more info.

DOSE launched today… (www.dose.ca ). Please also see the permanent link on the side. This is Greektown’s baby… countless hours have been spent building a site that enables all of you to keep up to date on salacious gossip, entertaining celeb photos and most important – anything and everything that you need to know about music – clubs, concerts and who you need to be listening to right now. Visit daily!!!

Finally, who says I can’t be an actor… let me set the scene for you… it’s Saturday night, around 9:30. Vermont Girl is visiting. I have strep throat (self diagnosed) and I’ve just downed two T-3s because still I feel wretched from the race. However, I’m DYING to go out dancing…

B/E/G: Puh-lease lets go out dancing… I know that you’re tired, but I have strep throat! I feel terrible! But even though I feel like hell on wheels I still want to go out! I never get to go out (I’m now doing angry arms)! Nobody ever goes out here! I’ve only been out dancing 4 times since I moved here!!! Please let’s go out! I knew when you came up that I’d be able to count on you to go out because you always go out! You’re Vermont Girl! We always go out dancing! You can’t let me down! It’s killing me that I never get to go out!!
Vermont Girl:
Muffled laughing as she lays face down on the bed so that she doesn’t have to see angry arms.

Needless to say, we didn’t go out. Probably for the best seeing as I’m developing a dependency on Chloraseptic anesthetic throat spray.

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