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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hey Ebola! Stay out of bat caves in Kenya!

So I’m at my doctor’s office yesterday (honestly I don’t live there – I was getting a vaccine) and somehow or another we get on the topic of genetic diseases, Mad Cow, Sars… etc. My doctor has a PhD in genetics so he loves to chat about this stuff. So I’m telling him about this rather cool series that ran on the Movie Channel called Regenesis… all about this fictitious Emergency Health Agency located in Toronto that goes around trouble shooting really crazy viruses like the Influenza virus that wiped out millions, Marburg, etc… so then we start chatting about Marburg and my doctor says, that’s of the same virus species as Ebola, did you know that?

I couldn’t help it… I laughed. And just so you know… Ebola is the worst… (but I think you knew that...

And in today’s New York Times… more on Marburg and Ebola

Happy reading and remember – it’s not nice to tell your ex boyfriend that you wish he had Ebola, even if he is a really big jerk. Although, if he tells all his friends about it, then you have license to bring it up as often as possible!

(By now most of you know that I go through phases – sometimes it’s lists and right now I’m into educating.)

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