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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Handsome Boy Modeling Show - meh...

So last night we caught Handsome Boy Modeling School (HBMS) at the Phoenix. Current favorites K-OS are opening for these guys on their US promotional tour right now and I have a really hard time imagining what people must think of the HBMS show after seeing K-OS on stage… Granted I love K-OS and am quite biased, but really – I’m not sure that I got the point of the very kitschy show last night.

I really enjoy the HBMS cd and going into the show I wondered how a group with none of their own vocals would pull it all together? Turns out, by every now and again having guest vocals (three different guys, all amazing – one singer type and two rappers) and the rest of the time, just standing behind a bunch of really fancy dj equipment that they barely used. The three musicians – cool chick bass player, guitarist and keyboard dudes didn’t really seem to be contributing much. I had a bit of a moment during the show when thinking about the difference between these guys and K-OS: when I think of K-OS, I think emcee… when I think of HBMS, I think: MC (master of ceremonies). I'm not sure I even would have known the difference before last night... Greektown called HBMS: whack emcees. All in all I was a bit disappointed by the show.

That being said however, the posers were out in full force at this show, as were the polo boys and they were all pumped!. I wondered one point when one of the rappers was up there, what must he think when he looks out on the crowd and he sees a sea of pink polo shirt, collar popped, over-styled hair, sideways baseball cap wearing, white boys waving their arms around in the air? Yeah, just stuck me as interesting – the different faces of hip hop. Even I didn’t stick out as much as I thought I would…

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