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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Goodbye and thanks for all the butter...

Here it is… I know you’ve been waiting for it – the follow up to the infamous physical. Heart is normal (in other words there is one and it appears to be working), gotta have a Hep B shot because I’m not immune, womanly treasures okay and finally, what we’ve all been waiting for – my cholesterol.

Anyone who’s been out to eat with me or even more so, to dinner at my house knows that I am not a low-cal cook. (it’s all about portion control and exercise!). Well, my days of ordering “heart attacks” on a plate and going through a lb of butter every two weeks are over. According to my physician, I should be on Lipitor. My HDL is great – well above average and really as good as I’m going to get. My LDL (evil cholesterol) is very, very bad – twice what it should be. So bottom line, I can’t improve the situation by exercise – my only recourse is through diet. Gone are the French fries… gone is the whipping cream… gone is ranch dressing… poutine, KFC, all these things I love so much. He’s given me three months to make dietary adjustments and then he’s re-testing me. If nothing changes, I’m going on Lipitor.

Now really, I knew this day was coming. Heart problems are the main staple of health issues in our family… other than hearing problems. We aren’t for the most part a cancer family (Dad’s was an anomaly), don’t have Alzheimer’s, we’re all about the heart attacks. And I knew that my days of eating so much trash were limited – I just didn’t expect that they would come to a crashing end weeks before my 29th birthday! So off I go to Noah’s tonight, to buy flaxseed oil and Omega somethings (I have a list). I’ll hit a Loblaws on the way home and buy healthy salad dressing and Becel. My transformation from human garbage can to a preventative, healthy eater is about to begin. I suspect that a consultation with the Bride is also imminent…

On the upside, I can now legitimately say that I drink a glass of red wine everyday to help my cholesterol!!! I’m all about the upside!

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