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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Games? ME?

Alright, anyone who’s been following along knows that I enjoy a little drama. Not a lot, but enough to keep things interesting… By the way.. I blame SJ Flames for this behavior. So I’ve been seeing the dude. We’ve gone out a few times. I’m telling you right now, he’ll be lucky to make it past this weekend. He’s trying too hard!!! Text messages and emails all the time! I like a bit of a chase – actually I like to be chased (well really, I enjoy being strategic). Anyway, let me be clear – CHASED, NOT STALKED!

For whatever reason, it drives me crazy when a guy tries too hard. Maybe it’s not just that… I tend to guard my spare time – as I think I’ve said before, my perfect guy is someone who (wait for it… wait for it… here it goes…) DOES NOT GET IN MY WAY. I sense major, major issues in that area with this dude. I would be happy to see someone once a week…keeping things casual. If at some point I decide that I quite like someone, maybe we could bump it up to twice a week. I just don’t want anything serious! Oh and the other thing with this dude – he’s Mr. Hands… just loves to hold hands… very touchy-feely affectionate. I’m just not that girl. Ick. He’s not long for my world.

NOTE: thanks to all who followed up by comment / phone / email on the cholesterol story… much appreciated!

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