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Friday, April 15, 2005

Bridezilla and the beginning of the wedding season...

It’s that time of year again… when birds are singing, flowers blooming, the sun actually feels warm on your face and everyone in the whole world is getting married. Time to retrieve those gift registry bookmarks that I’ve somehow lost, dust off my HBC card and start buying gifts. I’m sad that I only have one wedding this year – my brother’s. Last year was pretty tame as well, I think I only had one to fly home for. Luckily I was still living in NB when the big wedding blitzes were on – 2 and 3 weddings a year.

Anyhow, talking to my brother this week about his wedding got me to reflecting on all of my friends’ weddings. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in many weddings, in I think every case I had a speaking role – doing readings, being the MC or giving the toast to the bride (I also got to be a bridesmaid in Albert County’s wedding). I love that I get chosen for this – I get to put my own touch on the proceedings, inevitably get a close-up on the wedding video (and not the kind that circulates on the internet afterwards like Cowgirl and Skeezers’ performances…oh Petrie!), and hello…. Captive audience!

I’ve been involved in some really beautiful weddings… Albert County’s was one of the most fun because the wedding party drove around all day in an RV getting drunk (I LOVE Havelock!). 615 Windsor’s was one of the most touching (the whole weekend was amazing!). Hmm, 615’s was also the most violent – it was the one and only time I’ve ever tried to catch the bouquet and only so that I could piss off Cowgirl… she ended up shoving me out of the way, catching it and then beating me over the head with it until all that was left was a bouquet of stems with roses scattered all over the ground. Memorable! And a lot of you were involved in the bridezilla wedding that I don’t even have to describe – we all remember it vividly! (In fact Vermont and I were discussing it just a few weeks ago…). And Aussie’s wedding last summer was hilarious because they decorated our (Ebola and I) rental car instead of the bridal car… and this only weeks before Ebola and I split… commitment-phobe much?

Going to weddings is something that I generally enjoy (particularly when I’m in them!). I love the parties that lead up to the day, the girl bonding that happens, multiple shopping trips… the whole thing. Of course there are some annoyances that occasionally crop up – never receiving thank you cards, being invited to wedding showers when you’re not invited to the wedding (often a workplace phenomenon), but on the whole, it’s something that I really enjoy (alright, I admit that what I love most about weddings is the excuse to pull out every lame dance move that I have, including the shopping cart, sprinkler, lawnmower and garage door opener). So keep it up girls… lets see those wedding invitations fly because you all know that I won’t be having my own any time soon (or ever if I can help it!)!!

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