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Friday, April 08, 2005

30 Going on 13?

It’s Friday, I’m getting dressed up tonight in some kind of 80’s getup tonight (involving a leather vest… it’s all good!) and I’m doing Jell-o shots (I’m sure that my mother just shuddered as she remembered what I looked like on New Years Day morning, going to the Resolution Run). So it’s gorgeous out, it’s the weekend, and this morning on my way into work I got to listen to one of my very favorite musicians… Kyle Riabko playing live on Mix 99.9 (I was channel surfing or I’d never have picked this up!).

I love this kid – he’s a 17 year old from Saskatoon, SK and he is the most amazing guitar player (okay, not ever, but close). He reminds me of a young Jonny Lang, but better (sorry Jonny, you know I love you too!). I have no words – he’s just SO good! So he was playing one of the new songs on his album (his debut album is being released on April 19) and say ¾ of the way through the song (playing / singing live on the radio, just himself) he says, I’m going to jam and somehow that turns into him singing Thriller. I love, love, love him! If you heard it this morning, then ya know. Anyhow, I saw him play last year at Beachfest (?) down on the lake and I cannot wait to see him again. He’s been opening for Maroon 5, John Mayer and all sorts of others and with any luck will do some dates of his own around here to support the album. Stay tuned for details. Check the website (they stream bits of his songs)… http://www.kyleriabko.com/. BUY THE ALBUM.

I watched Mean Girls last night and I'm blaming that for the "I have a crush on a 17 year old" vibe in this entry. I sound like a giddy schoolgirl… hmmm…. Think I’ll stick with the grown-up guitar hottie for my real crush.

Finally, I heard a funny story from a friend of mine… (I’m likely going to be killed for posting this). My pal heads to bed early one night and her boyfriend hits her computer to check his email. Allegedly. (brackets: so he says) Somehow or another, the poor guy stumbles on several (say 10?) porn sites. Oh! They just kept popping up! I bet they did. Guys, if you’re going to hit a bunch of porn sites… have the good taste to not do it on your girlfriend’s computer? Am I wrong?

That’s all everybody… have a great weekend and think of me, doing the Thriller dance tonight!

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