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Friday, April 29, 2005

You have got to be kidding!

I am in the Air Canada lounge, having a drink (orange juice - let me
explain) and waiting to jump on my flight to California. I am, of course,
pumped to be going, but sadly, the trip is off to a terrible start. I'm
deaf in one ear.

I started a terrible cold on Monday and against my better judgement, flew to
Quebec City Tuesday night. When I landed, my right ear was plugged. When I
got on the plane to come home on Wednesday, it was still plugged.

Now I've flown hundreds of times, many times with a cold and normally
popping a few Sudafeds and or Claritins does the trick. In fact I never
travel without them in my bag. So when I got back to my apartment, I called
TeleNurse, and described my symptoms. She suggested Afrin, a nasal
decongestant and told me to call back in 48 hrs if it wasn't better.

This morning, I woke up still plugged and really panicky. I decided to call
a drop-in clinic. The wait wasn't long so I headed down. Long story short,
I have an ear infection and I'm now taking two antibiotics to clear it (it
being the "thick mucous" in my ear canal). If all goes well, I might be
cleared up in a few days.

So it seems I've paid $250 for a concert I'll only partially hear. The good
new is that I won't need earplugs!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

RUN TO - Nike 10 km and I'm a sucker for a good advertisement

If you live in the city and have eyes, you’ve seen the hilarious advertisements for the Nike RUN TO 10 km race on Center Island www.RunTO.ca. Taking place on May 29th, Run TO sounds much more like a party than a serious race… a dj, battle of the bands, beer tent… hello, I was born to “run” this race! I wonder what they have at the “water” stations…

The city is absolutely covered in posters, billboards, stickers and radio ads. They’re everywhere and they’re great. Basically, the ads are premised on one ‘hood' challenging another… “Cute outfits Rosedale, but can you run in them – Church Street”, “Enough with the carbs Little Italy, hit the pavement – East York,” “FYI Yorkville, shopping isn’t cardio – Annex.” I love these ads! What can I say? I’m an easy sell… I’m missing the Sporting Life 10km because I’m in LA so this is the perfect pick-up race (definitely a lot more entertaining than the Mississauga 10km). Conveniently, it’s the same weekend as the Ottawa Capital race, so we all know who won’t be at RUN TO!

Now the downside to this race is that it sounds like one, big fat opportunity to sell / push Nike products on 10,000 captive people. On the upside, I am totally in the market for new runners and they’ll have a spot set up where you can throw on a pair of sneakers and take them out for a trial run. That is such a great idea! I spent $250 on my last pair and had no guarantee that they would be the right ones. So I guess I’m just one girl who’s ready to be marketed to! Run TO – sold! Buy new runners – sold! Grab a few pairs of Dry Fit shorts – sold! I’m too easy.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hey Ebola! Stay out of bat caves in Kenya!

So I’m at my doctor’s office yesterday (honestly I don’t live there – I was getting a vaccine) and somehow or another we get on the topic of genetic diseases, Mad Cow, Sars… etc. My doctor has a PhD in genetics so he loves to chat about this stuff. So I’m telling him about this rather cool series that ran on the Movie Channel called Regenesis… all about this fictitious Emergency Health Agency located in Toronto that goes around trouble shooting really crazy viruses like the Influenza virus that wiped out millions, Marburg, etc… so then we start chatting about Marburg and my doctor says, that’s of the same virus species as Ebola, did you know that?

I couldn’t help it… I laughed. And just so you know… Ebola is the worst… (but I think you knew that...

And in today’s New York Times… more on Marburg and Ebola

Happy reading and remember – it’s not nice to tell your ex boyfriend that you wish he had Ebola, even if he is a really big jerk. Although, if he tells all his friends about it, then you have license to bring it up as often as possible!

(By now most of you know that I go through phases – sometimes it’s lists and right now I’m into educating.)

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend Roundup

So… I have a few things to chat about today… mostly housekeeping, as is so frequently the case on a Monday. A few interesting websites came to my attention late last week and they are so spectacular that I really must suggest that you visit them…

For any and all that are rabid Trailer Park Boys fans… man I love those guys (did you see last night’s episode – an old one where Randy and Mr. Lahey come out of the closet… Randy’s dressed as a bee and Mr. Lahey is (to quote Ricky) “Indianapolis Jones” – What's not to love!). If you consider yourself to be a fan… test your knowledge. Just so you know – I got a 10 (of course I did).

Click here to visit CBC.ca Arts: http://www.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/quiz/quiz.cgi?quiz=arts_trailerpark

In other news… my next party will be… wait for it… PROM 2005!!! We’re still working out the details in terms of the date, however it looks like we’ll wait until after real prom so that we girlies can pick up reject dresses for next to nothing (I’m seeing sequins). The date I’m throwing out right now is either the July long weekend (say Sunday night) or July 16th, after the Cat Lady’s moved up. Just in case you need some inspiration… here’s a link to dress suggestions – imagine yourself slow dancing to REO Speedwagon wearing one of these things…


Finally… Greektown and I hit Yorkdale on Saturday to buy Coachella wear (only 4 sleeps!!!), eat at the Rainforest Café (OMG, how much fun was that!) and see a movie. It was an interesting afternoon at the mall as there was a fire in the theater and they and several stores had to close down. We had pre-purchased our tickets and snacks for the film (review to follow: A Lot Like Love) and were SOL when they closed down because they couldn’t do refunds. So we hit the café, stuffed our faces on fried clams (how is this not the best day ever) and ducked back upstairs to see if they’d re-opened. They had. We steeled ourselves for the hassle of getting our money back for the snacks and getting new tickets. This kind of thing is always a pain.

What a surprise! We walked up to the counter, we were sent to the manager and waited while he walked around to the various counters getting our refunds and then gave us coupons for a free show because of the inconvenience. You know, being a bit of a dabbler in customer service myself right now, I really appreciate being well taken care of. Job well done Famous Players

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Friday, April 22, 2005

To the Narc In Row 2: SUCK IT!

So First Jays game last night… my pal Sporty Spice (look, I know this is a lame name, I've got nothing!!! I'm taking suggestions!) and I headed over to the new and improved Rogers Center (formerly known as the Skydome) to mix and mingle with the scalpers (I have the hardest time with the word scalpers – I’m forever wanting to call them stalkers…) to pick up tickets on the 3rd baseline close to my future husband Derek Jeter. We walk up to the scrum of scalpers (stalkers) and ask around for 3rd base tickets.

This stalker dude comes up and flashes us tickets – section 128, right on 3rd base bag, ROW 1, SEATS 102-102. All for the low, low price of $75 each. I’m immediately like, “Uh what else ya got, I’m not spending $75.” So Stalker dude is like, “what will you pay?” “$40.Stalker dude takes a call and walks away. Sporty Spice whispers, “are you okay with $50?” His eyes are shining at the mere thought of being in whisper distance of some of the best baseball players currently playing. “These are REALLY good tickets.” So Stalker dude comes back and I offer him $50. We close at $55. Not my best negotiating ever, but still less than we would have paid at the box office, so we’re ahead of the game and officially in the best seats in the history of the world.

So after much jumping up and down in excitement and having purchased our bigger-better-than-ever sized beers, we meander down, and down and down the aisle to the best seats ever. I’ve got to say, I was pumped! Like, edge of my seat pumped. Which apparently rubbed Narc in Row 2 the wrong way because Jeter hadn’t even stepped up to the plate when all of a sudden I’m being pounded on the shoulder and this woman is YELLING at at me to sit back in my chair because she can’t see. Typical Maritimer (damn my good manners and polite upbringing!), I say, “oh sorry, I didn’t know,” and sit back in my seat. And start to fume.

I am pissed. I’d like to turn around and call her a big fat be-yatch, but then common sense prevails and I realize that I'd just be sinking to her level. Why try to ruin her game just because she rained a little on mine?

Ultimately, we cracked a few at her expense between ourselves, drank our beers, (several of them), and loved every minute of the game. I even got to yell “Derek Jeter Take Your Shirt Off!” (it’s kind of one of my expressions, ya gotta know me to get this one), after which the girl behind me laughing, says to her boyfriend, “Well my ticket just paid for itself!Nice to know I added some value to a few people’s night…

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Coming Soon To A Molson Amphitheatre Near You...

FYI all… K-OS is coming to the Molson Amphitheatre on July 14th… the link to tickets follows:


OMG, are you as excited as me?!? There are various pre-sale options (for instance, I got mine through HOB). I am both pumped and ready…

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

OverDose of Fun (OMG, Fromage...)

Any night that starts with the rusty bucket is a good night! Are we the only ones who (literally) scream with delight when they’re using the huge rusty bucket to offload sugar from Russian tankers into the Redpath sugar refinery?

Last night was the launch party for Dose, (www.dose.ca), the new CanWest daily that Greektown writes for… I have not had that much fun in forever! Also in appearance at last night’s event was the gang from AOL, (shout out to Scallywag, I’m With Lucky, Out of Africa and Noogie) which always makes for the most fun ever. We arrived at the Guvernment last night to a party that was very much underway and peopled with a nice mix of suits (yummy) and grunge (dead to me).

We had a few VIP bracelets that we passed around so we could keep a steady supply of free booze flowing. Eventually I charmed a seriously cute boy into giving me a few extra bracelets so we could all hang out upstairs with the beautiful people… (and the aforementioned free booze). There were a few fun people in attendance (sadly Nelly Furtado was a no-show), Jian Ghomeshi from CBC’s The Hour being one highlight… I’m getting lots better at these kinds of encounters too – I mentioned his SXSW piece then introduced him to Greektown so they could “discuss amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic… The Junos, representative of current Canadian talent or have they missed the mark by not looking at artists like BSS, the Stars etc…? Discuss.”

The talent was Talib Kweli, a hip hop artist who brought along fantastic bboy breakdancers. I have to say, old school breakdancing just makes me so happy. The show was great.

All in all, a fabulous evening of music, mingling, drinks and dancing. I met some really, really cute boys - my stomach is still doing flip-flops over the dude who sells advertising for the TO StarOMG yummy! – and bracelet boy was pretty cute too. Oh wait I already said that…

Anyhow, a fabulous night that oddly enough ended with me getting a noogie… didn’t expect that did you? (Oh, I am soooo not letting go of that, so suck it up and drag your broken calf muscles to the RUN TO so Scallywag, Y&NE and I can all beat you. Ya heard me! Bossy much?).

First Jays game tonight… I’m pumped! I love you Derek Jeter!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

And I"ll See Them Again... Ambulance Ltd.

So Saturday night we headed to the Mod Club in Little Italy to check out NYC band Ambulance Ltd. We arrived just as opening band Boy was taking the stage and their set was so good! This was my first exposure to Boy and I just ordered them from www.amazon.ca today… (along with Amos Lee, 601, and Kyle Riabko! Hey did you know that Boy has a new CD coming out in May??). So up to our regular spot – front balcony – where we can perch and check the crowd (read as: Greektown drools over shaggy haired boys and I look for the one or two dudes in the whole spot who look like they might own a tie) and where we have an amazing view of the stage.

Now even though I’ve written about concerts before, you all know that I know nothing about the technical aspects of the music… I’m a complete dumbass when it comes to talking about the instruments, etc. What I do know is that the Ambulance Ltd. sounded like an amazing version of their album. I really like their album – and I love them live. This is easily the best show I’ve seen in a long time (excluding K-OS of course). Both bands looked like they really wanted to be there and like they were really into their music (unlike say, the Killers who looked like they’d rather be anywhere else on earth).

The audience was also really into the show, especially my favorite dude… who went from the simple head bob at the beginning of the show to leaning against the front of the stage and pounding on the amps as he rocked out, by the end of the show. This dude is my hero! I love seeing people have that much fun at a show… he must not be from around here!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm A Sheep

I’m a sheep… I’m a follower… I just ordered an IPod Mini. All the cool kids have them and now so will I! Because I ordered it from www.apple.ca, I got to have it laser engraved for free… it says… B/E/G… Dance like nobody’s watching. A bit of a shout-out to my mother who loves that poem.

So I am very busily organizing my music, downloading all my new stuff (The Postal Service, The Hidden Cameras, Feist and many more), making playlists for running and the like. I’m pumped!! I promised myself that I would get a bigger/ better MP3 player once I’d run my 10 km race last year and took my sweet time looking for exactly the right player (it came down to the IPod Mini versus the RIO Carbon). This whole organizing gig is something else… I had no idea that I had that much music! Nor that my musical tastes were quite that eclectic… ranging from the super trendy to Kenny Rogers, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Moxie Fruvous, et al. Nice mix…

In miscellaneous news… I heard from my former neighbors (also known as The Girls Next Door) yesterday via postcard… they’ve nearly completed their trek across Canada to lovely Victoria BC. I can’t wait to visit! Seriously… November! Cowgirl… can you meet me out there?

Speaking of visiting… can’t wait for Coachella… only 10 days!!!! Uh, pumped much?! I hope to set up to blog via BlackBerry. Won’t that be fun… IS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE GOING TO COACHELLA? I feel kind of silly that I never asked that before… oh well, as always, it’s all about me!

Finally, it looks like we’ll have a guest blogger next week as I’m stuck in BF Quebec City (trade show… boo hiss). He’s a bit shy about this so let’s be friendly and comment, ‘kay?

Thanks for playing along!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

I Love Gavin DeGraw

So Greektown, our very trendy music snob, music writer, girl about town, got dragged (rather good spiritedly) to the Gavin DeGraw show at the Opera House on Thursday night. The place was sold out, with a surprising number of men hanging around, but make no mistake – a predominantly female crowd. The “Mom set” was out in full force, as were the “I can’t believe they’re able to drink, they look too young” crowd. It was a pretty predictable show – he played mostly from his cd “Chariot,” however he also had a few other songs, very in the style of perennial B/E/G favorite Jonny Langgreat bluesy stuff that you could actually hear because the screaming girls had nothing to sing along to.

Much to Greektown’s chagrin, I had several sing-along moments myself… DeGraw hysteria was infectious, what can I say?! There was serious eye rolling from Greektown at some very questionable rhyming lyrics (drink / think, smoke / joke). It was actually a ton of fun to go to that sort of concert – it gets tiring always going to shows where EVERYONE is so poser and unquestionably more cool than me. Despite the fact that I have seen in excess of 20 very trendy bands / concerts in the last year – I still enjoy the very silly teen pop show.

I am quite surprised that no panties got thrown on stage – it really was that kind of show. Maybe Toronto people aren’t into that sort of thing… just me? Really? Am I the only person who’s thrown a bra on stage and hit someone (Tom Jones) in the crotch area?!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Bridezilla and the beginning of the wedding season...

It’s that time of year again… when birds are singing, flowers blooming, the sun actually feels warm on your face and everyone in the whole world is getting married. Time to retrieve those gift registry bookmarks that I’ve somehow lost, dust off my HBC card and start buying gifts. I’m sad that I only have one wedding this year – my brother’s. Last year was pretty tame as well, I think I only had one to fly home for. Luckily I was still living in NB when the big wedding blitzes were on – 2 and 3 weddings a year.

Anyhow, talking to my brother this week about his wedding got me to reflecting on all of my friends’ weddings. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in many weddings, in I think every case I had a speaking role – doing readings, being the MC or giving the toast to the bride (I also got to be a bridesmaid in Albert County’s wedding). I love that I get chosen for this – I get to put my own touch on the proceedings, inevitably get a close-up on the wedding video (and not the kind that circulates on the internet afterwards like Cowgirl and Skeezers’ performances…oh Petrie!), and hello…. Captive audience!

I’ve been involved in some really beautiful weddings… Albert County’s was one of the most fun because the wedding party drove around all day in an RV getting drunk (I LOVE Havelock!). 615 Windsor’s was one of the most touching (the whole weekend was amazing!). Hmm, 615’s was also the most violent – it was the one and only time I’ve ever tried to catch the bouquet and only so that I could piss off Cowgirl… she ended up shoving me out of the way, catching it and then beating me over the head with it until all that was left was a bouquet of stems with roses scattered all over the ground. Memorable! And a lot of you were involved in the bridezilla wedding that I don’t even have to describe – we all remember it vividly! (In fact Vermont and I were discussing it just a few weeks ago…). And Aussie’s wedding last summer was hilarious because they decorated our (Ebola and I) rental car instead of the bridal car… and this only weeks before Ebola and I split… commitment-phobe much?

Going to weddings is something that I generally enjoy (particularly when I’m in them!). I love the parties that lead up to the day, the girl bonding that happens, multiple shopping trips… the whole thing. Of course there are some annoyances that occasionally crop up – never receiving thank you cards, being invited to wedding showers when you’re not invited to the wedding (often a workplace phenomenon), but on the whole, it’s something that I really enjoy (alright, I admit that what I love most about weddings is the excuse to pull out every lame dance move that I have, including the shopping cart, sprinkler, lawnmower and garage door opener). So keep it up girls… lets see those wedding invitations fly because you all know that I won’t be having my own any time soon (or ever if I can help it!)!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Postscript to HBMS

Found this review on the Web...

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Handsome Boy Modeling Show - meh...

So last night we caught Handsome Boy Modeling School (HBMS) at the Phoenix. Current favorites K-OS are opening for these guys on their US promotional tour right now and I have a really hard time imagining what people must think of the HBMS show after seeing K-OS on stage… Granted I love K-OS and am quite biased, but really – I’m not sure that I got the point of the very kitschy show last night.

I really enjoy the HBMS cd and going into the show I wondered how a group with none of their own vocals would pull it all together? Turns out, by every now and again having guest vocals (three different guys, all amazing – one singer type and two rappers) and the rest of the time, just standing behind a bunch of really fancy dj equipment that they barely used. The three musicians – cool chick bass player, guitarist and keyboard dudes didn’t really seem to be contributing much. I had a bit of a moment during the show when thinking about the difference between these guys and K-OS: when I think of K-OS, I think emcee… when I think of HBMS, I think: MC (master of ceremonies). I'm not sure I even would have known the difference before last night... Greektown called HBMS: whack emcees. All in all I was a bit disappointed by the show.

That being said however, the posers were out in full force at this show, as were the polo boys and they were all pumped!. I wondered one point when one of the rappers was up there, what must he think when he looks out on the crowd and he sees a sea of pink polo shirt, collar popped, over-styled hair, sideways baseball cap wearing, white boys waving their arms around in the air? Yeah, just stuck me as interesting – the different faces of hip hop. Even I didn’t stick out as much as I thought I would…

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

OMG, I nearly had a heart attack (this has nothing to do with cholesterol, Mother)

So a big customer call yesterday with the big guns from the US / NB coming in. New customer – first time we’ve called on them. I am instructed to pick up the gang (various Vice Presidents) from their first call, which they attended with another sales guy and bring them to my call. So I show up, a half hour early, having carefully followed my Mapquest directions to the middle of nowhere and as I’m turning into the parking lot, I get a call on my BB from one of the VPs saying that their meeting finished early. Points for me – no one has to wait in the parking lot for me to show up.

I cruise up to the gang, and people start shoving stuff in my trunk. Small note – my trunk is also a minor storage space… I keep my golf clubs in their year-round… it’s a hell of a lot easier than hauling them upstairs all the time to my storage unit! Well, this morning I had a brainwave and decided to take them out and bring them upstairs just in case the boys had a bunch of luggage. Quite glad that I did because who throws his briefcase in my trunk and climbs into the front seat is none other than the owner of our company (The Big Guy). A bunch of you who know that The Big Guy does not exactly approve of golf, just laughed out loud. Beyatches!

We had a few hours to kill before the call so The Big Guy says “take us to a store before the sales call.” Uh, what the hell – I have a vague idea of where we are… and an even more vague idea of where we can go… So we head out, me driving, uh, sort of knowing where we’re going (with visions of headline news: “Woman kills The Big Guy in freak car accident, news at eleven” flashing through my head – I might be a bit of a terrible driver). The Big Guy asks if we’re taking Highway 7… I reply “I have no idea where Highway 7 is so no.” I should add that my sense of direction / driving style is more about having a slight idea of what direction I need to be going in, and then circling a bunch of times until I finally get there… the theory is aptly described in the book, The Curious Incident Of The Dog At Night.

Without even a minor screw up, I get us to the store… we visit, we grab Tim Hortons coffees, and I take us to another store before flawlessly (although frequently consulting my Mapquest directions while driving 130 km/h), taking us directly to our appointment where we arrive 15 minutes early. I am a rock star. A sweaty, nervous rock star, but a rock star nonetheless. Those of you from my hometown know what an anxiety-ridden experience this was for me (SJ Flames, who works for another part of the same company and one of the other owners is still laughing a the Highway 7 thing!). Anyhow, this has an even happier ending because the call went great and I now have a new account. Hurrah!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You're Just Not Being Mean Enough? Re-Writing THE Rules

I recently re-saw the Sex In The City episode where Berger says to MirandaHe’s just not that into you.” This revelatory statement, now an entire book, was quite interesting to see in its original context. Just a warning here: I have not read the book (of the same name, and still on the Non-Fiction Top Ten best seller list) - because I have a brain and a university degree and getting married is not my ultimate goal in life – if someone can convince me that the book is hilarious and ironic and tongue in cheek, I will, but so far everyone thinks it’s gospel. Boo hiss.

Anyhow – it just seems to me that this is common sense. If someone is calling me and I don’t have any interest – I just don’t call back. Isn’t that enough? If I really like someone, I make plans with them. Pretty clear? So why all of a sudden does this “he’s just not that into you” resonate with so many people? Isn’t it pretty obvious? How many guys turn down the opportunity to get some action if they’re the slightest bit interested? Um, none?

I can’t understand why women need this drivel to help define their dating rules/parameters. But then again, I can’t understand why straight women go to Hooters (thank you Greektown for the observation).

SJ Flames and I have discussed writing our own version of THE RULES… called You’re Just Not Being Mean Enough. Some of the Chapter Titles may be…

  • If I Really Like You I’ll Turn Off My Phone
  • If I Pick Up The Cheque It Means I Really Do Like You
  • Just Because I Didn’t Give You My Number Doesn’t Mean I’m Challenging You To Track It Down
  • Of Course There’s A Reason Why You’ve Never Picked Me Up At My Home…
  • Dressing In Layers On a First Date… Why This Makes Sense

May also have a Bonus Pull-Out Emergency Section covering such situations as:

  • How jump out of a washroom window without snagging your stockings
  • How to get the upper hand on a first date
  • How to run in 4 inch Prada heels if the date goes really badly

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Monday, April 11, 2005

All You Need To Know About... Sin City

Movie: Sin City
Director: Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
Guest Director: Quinten Tarantino
Writer: Frank Miller
Producer: Elizabeth Avellan
Distributor: Miramax Films
Website: http://www.sincitythemovie.com/
Hartigan: Bruce Willis
Nancy: Jessica Alba
Gail: Rosario Dawson
Jackie Boy: Benicio Del Toro
Dwight: Clive Owen
Marv: Mickey Rourke
Shellie: Brittany Murphy
Miho: Devon Acki

Plot: Sin City is based on Frank Miller's series of "Sin City" graphic novels. The plotline will include elements from the stories "Sin City," "The Babe Wore Red," and "Those Yellow Bastards."

I wouldn’t say that I was reluctant to see this film… I had read so many incredible reviews that I couldn’t miss it – however most of the reviews described huge amounts of violence and I’m usually not a huge fan. I make exceptions of course – Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies EVER, however not every violent film is a Tarantino masterpiece. But I digress. For me, Sin City is one of those films that I will doubtless seen many times. It was funny, it was dark, and I felt like I was in a comic book. I got lost in the movie! Although there was some very campy dialogue, it was entirely appropriate to the movie and the characters.

The Marv / Dwight storylines were my favorites. The acting was great – and the way the story unfolded – well it just felt like you were a character standing off to the side. I had heard previous to screening the film that the Mickey Rourke performance was incredible. I didn’t actually know who Mickey Rourke was until after the film, but I wholeheartedly agree with the critics – he was amazing.

One of the things I enjoyed about the movie was the way that women were portrayed… although there were some very stereotypical “women in comic book” roles (ie: Shelley and Nancy), Gail and Miho, residents of Old Town, represented a different kind of woman – one in charge of her own destiny.

Interesting to note about the film: Sin City has two directors: Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Apparently it is against the rules to have more than one director on any film and though Rodriguez attempted to work it out so that Sin City could go ahead with two, they were turned down – so Rodriguez dropped out of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

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You Win This One Ebola...

When I moved here, Ebola (somewhat of a rage-a-holic on the road – he’s like the worst characterization of someone with Tourettes) said that there was no way that I would be able to drive every day in Toronto and maintain my spotless record of no obscene gestures. I HATE being wrong! I have been living in Toronto for nearly a year now and yesterday, for the very first time in my life, I gave someone the finger. It was a gut reaction – I didn’t realize I’d done it until it was all over…

Julep was lamenting (read as: Be-yatching) over some delayed packages and sent me this email:

Nothing EVER gets here (Pennsylvania) from there (New Brunswick) in a day. Basically, it goes down like this:

FedEx: Hello?
Our Company: Yeah, we’d like something shipped overnight from New Brunswick, Canada to Pennsylvania, please.
FedEx: Shyeah, right! Like we’re gonna get your frigging ebola candy through customs in less than 24 hours! Keep dreamin’, suckers! Hey, Hank, get a load of this one…
Our Company: I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks!

Love it! So the 80’s party was much fun – I only wish I’d looked that good back then… I had a brand new experience over the weekend – Karaoke. Somehow the gang got me drunk enough that I reluctantly agreed to be dragged to one of these little places in the Bloor / Bathurst area where each group gets their own room where they can wail away in anonymity. One question, who in the hell kept putting the damn microphone in my hand?!

Finally, I saw Sin City over the weekend… the review follows.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

30 Going on 13?

It’s Friday, I’m getting dressed up tonight in some kind of 80’s getup tonight (involving a leather vest… it’s all good!) and I’m doing Jell-o shots (I’m sure that my mother just shuddered as she remembered what I looked like on New Years Day morning, going to the Resolution Run). So it’s gorgeous out, it’s the weekend, and this morning on my way into work I got to listen to one of my very favorite musicians… Kyle Riabko playing live on Mix 99.9 (I was channel surfing or I’d never have picked this up!).

I love this kid – he’s a 17 year old from Saskatoon, SK and he is the most amazing guitar player (okay, not ever, but close). He reminds me of a young Jonny Lang, but better (sorry Jonny, you know I love you too!). I have no words – he’s just SO good! So he was playing one of the new songs on his album (his debut album is being released on April 19) and say ¾ of the way through the song (playing / singing live on the radio, just himself) he says, I’m going to jam and somehow that turns into him singing Thriller. I love, love, love him! If you heard it this morning, then ya know. Anyhow, I saw him play last year at Beachfest (?) down on the lake and I cannot wait to see him again. He’s been opening for Maroon 5, John Mayer and all sorts of others and with any luck will do some dates of his own around here to support the album. Stay tuned for details. Check the website (they stream bits of his songs)… http://www.kyleriabko.com/. BUY THE ALBUM.

I watched Mean Girls last night and I'm blaming that for the "I have a crush on a 17 year old" vibe in this entry. I sound like a giddy schoolgirl… hmmm…. Think I’ll stick with the grown-up guitar hottie for my real crush.

Finally, I heard a funny story from a friend of mine… (I’m likely going to be killed for posting this). My pal heads to bed early one night and her boyfriend hits her computer to check his email. Allegedly. (brackets: so he says) Somehow or another, the poor guy stumbles on several (say 10?) porn sites. Oh! They just kept popping up! I bet they did. Guys, if you’re going to hit a bunch of porn sites… have the good taste to not do it on your girlfriend’s computer? Am I wrong?

That’s all everybody… have a great weekend and think of me, doing the Thriller dance tonight!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Biological Urges - Clocks and So Forth...

I always thought that I’d been born without that ticking time bomb inside that makes sane women baby crazy. Granted I’m not yet at that age, (I think the really crazy urges happen early / mid 30’s?) but really, I just don’t see myself as that person. I do however think that I have a modified version of the clock – I don’t have a raging urge to procreate – I have a need to be in love.

Think that sounds strange? But what other explanation could I have for that bizzaro urge to go out and find a boyfriend? I have the perfect life (I’ve said this before) – I have great family and friends, a fabulous social life, enough money to entertain myself and for those cold winter nights… a selection Mr. Buzzys (thank you Scallywag for the name). So why the overwhelming desire to go out and match up? At these times I find myself nostalgic for the Ebola / Fanny Pack days… I don’t miss Ebola or Fanny Pack (the bad outweighs the good in both cases) but I do at times miss the being in love feeling.

Maybe that’s why I have such a short fuse with guys… for me, it becomes clear, so quickly whether or not I am going to have any kind of sustained interest. I can generally make a judgment within a few dates. So I’m constantly fighting the urge to settle down and that’s why my patience expires so quickly! I want to be a casual dater, but as soon as I know that there’s no real potential, I want them gone. Sort of defeats the purpose, because if I have someone around that I really like then I won’t be casually dating anymore. I feel like I’m going in circles…

I will continue to fight the good fight – striving for superficial, non-sustainable relationships. Damn this clock and its conformity! I will stay unattached!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What are the REAL rules?

How many people can a person date at once? Two? Four?

It has occurred to me that if the current dude can calm down a bit, that some of my flings are going to overlap. One has been a fling in the making since January, albeit from a distance and then there’s the current dude (if he makes it past the weekend). Oh yeah and there’s one more that I’m seeing this weekend that I might kiss. Anyway, it’s gotten me to thinking… (you're probably thinking that I need help!). These really have no potential beyond flings (prevailing factors include distance/practicality in one case, I think a lack of interest on my part in the other – that and I don’t like to hold hands and the last is too soon to tell).

Add to all of that, the fact that at the best of times I barely manage one relationship – what of two or three? Are any actually relationships? I guess only I can answer that one… I think the distance one is ultimately a long-term friendship that has temporary or (even better) interim fling potential (because of the distance, the fling part will not affect the long-term viability of said friendship) and the other two are more like the transition guys? Too early to tell. One thing is certain…the next weeks are going to be interesting. Don't worry Maman, I'm not turning into a hoochie!

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Games? ME?

Alright, anyone who’s been following along knows that I enjoy a little drama. Not a lot, but enough to keep things interesting… By the way.. I blame SJ Flames for this behavior. So I’ve been seeing the dude. We’ve gone out a few times. I’m telling you right now, he’ll be lucky to make it past this weekend. He’s trying too hard!!! Text messages and emails all the time! I like a bit of a chase – actually I like to be chased (well really, I enjoy being strategic). Anyway, let me be clear – CHASED, NOT STALKED!

For whatever reason, it drives me crazy when a guy tries too hard. Maybe it’s not just that… I tend to guard my spare time – as I think I’ve said before, my perfect guy is someone who (wait for it… wait for it… here it goes…) DOES NOT GET IN MY WAY. I sense major, major issues in that area with this dude. I would be happy to see someone once a week…keeping things casual. If at some point I decide that I quite like someone, maybe we could bump it up to twice a week. I just don’t want anything serious! Oh and the other thing with this dude – he’s Mr. Hands… just loves to hold hands… very touchy-feely affectionate. I’m just not that girl. Ick. He’s not long for my world.

NOTE: thanks to all who followed up by comment / phone / email on the cholesterol story… much appreciated!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Goodbye and thanks for all the butter...

Here it is… I know you’ve been waiting for it – the follow up to the infamous physical. Heart is normal (in other words there is one and it appears to be working), gotta have a Hep B shot because I’m not immune, womanly treasures okay and finally, what we’ve all been waiting for – my cholesterol.

Anyone who’s been out to eat with me or even more so, to dinner at my house knows that I am not a low-cal cook. (it’s all about portion control and exercise!). Well, my days of ordering “heart attacks” on a plate and going through a lb of butter every two weeks are over. According to my physician, I should be on Lipitor. My HDL is great – well above average and really as good as I’m going to get. My LDL (evil cholesterol) is very, very bad – twice what it should be. So bottom line, I can’t improve the situation by exercise – my only recourse is through diet. Gone are the French fries… gone is the whipping cream… gone is ranch dressing… poutine, KFC, all these things I love so much. He’s given me three months to make dietary adjustments and then he’s re-testing me. If nothing changes, I’m going on Lipitor.

Now really, I knew this day was coming. Heart problems are the main staple of health issues in our family… other than hearing problems. We aren’t for the most part a cancer family (Dad’s was an anomaly), don’t have Alzheimer’s, we’re all about the heart attacks. And I knew that my days of eating so much trash were limited – I just didn’t expect that they would come to a crashing end weeks before my 29th birthday! So off I go to Noah’s tonight, to buy flaxseed oil and Omega somethings (I have a list). I’ll hit a Loblaws on the way home and buy healthy salad dressing and Becel. My transformation from human garbage can to a preventative, healthy eater is about to begin. I suspect that a consultation with the Bride is also imminent…

On the upside, I can now legitimately say that I drink a glass of red wine everyday to help my cholesterol!!! I’m all about the upside!

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Monday, April 04, 2005


Clean-up from the weekend… I ran my second 5 km race of the year on Saturday… the most miserable time I’ve ever had! It was slushing – a mix of wet, icy snow and freezing rain pelted us as we ran a slick course through High Park. My time was not terrible given the weather/circumstances… those who know the real me will find my time around the 31:00 area… as always, I’m middle of the pack for my age group!! http://www.canadarunningseries.com/results/2005/sro/spring5k.htm.

The only good thing about this race was that as we crossed the finish line, they called out our names… they’ve never done that at any of my other races, not even the 10km. And afterwards, I met Jean (of JeansMarines). So despite the raging headache, the sore throat and general malaise that I still feel, I guess it was worth it! At least none of my other races will be anywhere near as miserable as this!

The Junos were last night… our friends K-OS and company cleaned up – winning 3/3, including best Rap Album (Joyful Rebellion) and Best Single of the year (Crabbuckit)… their performance last night was amazing (bit of a crush now (again!) actually)… FYI, it looks like Crucial is the new single. For any US readers… they’re hitting the road in the US in mid-April with Handsome Boy Modeling School. Please, please do yourself a favor and pick up their cd http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002TLCFG/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/701-9012922-1087557 and see their show!!! See one of my January blogs for a write-up of the last show I saw of theirs… and see the Pollstar link for dates… http://www.pollstar.com/tour/searchall.pl?Content=A-KOS&Date_From=Today&Date_To=04-04-2007&By=Artist&PSKey=Y&StartSearch.x=11&StartSearch.y=11. I heard a rumor that they might be coming back through here in June… stay tuned for more info.

DOSE launched today… (www.dose.ca ). Please also see the permanent link on the side. This is Greektown’s baby… countless hours have been spent building a site that enables all of you to keep up to date on salacious gossip, entertaining celeb photos and most important – anything and everything that you need to know about music – clubs, concerts and who you need to be listening to right now. Visit daily!!!

Finally, who says I can’t be an actor… let me set the scene for you… it’s Saturday night, around 9:30. Vermont Girl is visiting. I have strep throat (self diagnosed) and I’ve just downed two T-3s because still I feel wretched from the race. However, I’m DYING to go out dancing…

B/E/G: Puh-lease lets go out dancing… I know that you’re tired, but I have strep throat! I feel terrible! But even though I feel like hell on wheels I still want to go out! I never get to go out (I’m now doing angry arms)! Nobody ever goes out here! I’ve only been out dancing 4 times since I moved here!!! Please let’s go out! I knew when you came up that I’d be able to count on you to go out because you always go out! You’re Vermont Girl! We always go out dancing! You can’t let me down! It’s killing me that I never get to go out!!
Vermont Girl:
Muffled laughing as she lays face down on the bed so that she doesn’t have to see angry arms.

Needless to say, we didn’t go out. Probably for the best seeing as I’m developing a dependency on Chloraseptic anesthetic throat spray.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

How to be friends with a guy (if you're a girl)???

Does anyone else have this problem? You really like hanging out with a guy(s), but you have no romantic interest in them. You suspect that there might be an interest on their part to go down that road. You can’t/don’t want to. How can this be handled?

This happened to me recently (again) and, as with all boy/girl relationship issues, I acted like a complete ass. (It’s my specialty.) We were hanging out, things were said and it was one of those situations where even though you really, really like the person, you can’t become involved with them… My reasons were numerous and mostly relating to me cleaning up the Ebola mess and needing flings (see January’s resolution post) instead of relationships, and him being too nice to risk flinging and losing as a friend (but I digress).

Anyhow, I am no less determined to fling my way through 2005 without finding the perfect man… which means inevitably that all the perfect guys that I’m friends with and that I should want to marry and live happily ever after with (if I was the marrying kind) – well they stand no chance! So how do you get past a mutual attraction and stay friends? How do you explain to someone that they are too perfect / nice / good looking / funny etc… to date and that you’d prefer to waste your time on shallow, meaningless relationships for a while because it’s just what you need right now? Does anyone understand that? Does this make sense to anyone? I might be an idiot.

Coming up soon… how will I know I’m ready to date someone I really like? When Greektown doesn’t have to talk to them for me…(poor Hottie Director).

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All You Need To Know About - Dear Frankie

Movie: Dear Frankie
Director: Shona Auerbach
Writer: Andrea Gibb
Producer: (group)
Distributor: Miramax
Website: www.miramax.com/dearfrankie/
Lizzie: Emily Mortimer
Frankie: Jack McElhone
Nell: Mary Riggans
Marie: Sharon Small
Davey Morrison: Cal Macaninch (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0531229/)
Plot: After having responded to her son's numerous letters in the guise of his father, a woman hires a stranger to pose as his dad when meeting him.

This film also premiered at the TIFF and it either didn’t fit my schedule or I couldn’t get in… Anyhow, when Greektown pointed out that it was playing at the Cumberland (Yorkville), I was in (not to mention that the Cumberland is the only cinema in the city that has the good Ketchup sprinkles for popcorn!). This is definitely drama-central… no tears were shed, but the story is designed to pull at the heartstrings.

Frankie, Lizzie and Lizzie’s mother, Nell together live a fly-by-night life, moving constantly to elude the mysterious people who post ads in the paper looking for Lizzie. Frankie, a very well adjusted deaf child writes regular letters to his father, off at sea. The letters Frankie receives from his father are cleverly penned by his mother Lizzie, who scours stamp collecting shops in search of foreign stamps for the collection Frankie has developed from his father’s letters. When Frankie discovers that his father’s ship (picked randomly by Lizzie years ago) is due to arrive in their town, the drama is dialed up.

In comes Davey, sourced by Lizzie’s pal Marie – a mysterious man about whom we know nothing other than he’s leaving town in two days, to pose as Frankie’s father. Just so you all know, this is when my heart stopped beating. This dude (I provided the IMDB link above) is gorgeous! I put down my popcorn at this point because I was drooling. And even though I know that movies are make-believe, his character is SO AMAZING that I fell in love a little more. Anyhow, if I talk anymore about the film at this point, I’ll give it all away. Suffice it to say that the reviews in the Toronto Star and other places are all on the money. This is a really good film and if you’re a drama junkie, this with be your fix.

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