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Friday, March 18, 2005

Want to do something fun?

Okay, go to the view my complete profile tab on the right hand side of the page and click on it. Take a look at all of the cool movies / music I’ve got there. I know, exquisite taste. Okay, now click on anything that strikes your fancy. I clicked on New Waterford Girl? Who else in the world would have seen and loved this movie?! Yeah, it turns out, lots of people. A great big whole bunch of people as cool as me actually put New Waterford Girl in their blog. So if you click on any of the stuff linked on the page, it will take you to a summary of all the people that have the same stuff on their pages. So maybe I’m really dumb for just discovering this, but nevertheless, very fun to play with.

So I think I got my very first prank call last night. At 530 AM. Someone called my home number and asked for an escort. I’m not sure to what they wanted to be escorted to (damn maybe that was my invite to the Junos or Geminis) because I hung up and they did not call back and I’ve toasted my caller ID. Normally I have the phone in my room shut off (having recently gone through some sleep issues relating to the bum neck, I’ve learned that nothing should interfere with my sleep). Yet another reason why I’m glad that in a few weeks I will be getting rid of the dinosaur land line… not being listed anywhere and no more telemarketing hang-ups on the answering machine. Boo hiss.

Hey, my right hand is tanned darker than my left. My right hand is also my drinking hand. Damn, that’s not obvious. Only 42 more days until Coachella.

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