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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Okay, so I missed a posting yesterday – I have a great reason… I was soooo HUNG OVER! So on Sunday I had a date – yes, a real, live date. I know, it’s been awhile. What can I say? I take my mother’s advice… she says take time off – I take time off. Anyhow, I’m officially back out there.

So deets… it was an all day / all night affair (shut up SJ Flames) that involved a stroll down Queen West with stops for lattes and book buying at a few cool shops, a movie (Be Cool – it was okay… Vince Vaughan was quite hilarious, Uma Thurman gorgeous and Travolta was Travolta), dinner at a pub by my place and drinks. Lots of ‘em.

The defining moment of the day was definitely when we were walking Queen West and the dude is like, lets stop at this record store… So he holds the door open for me, I walk in and realize as I walk in that we’re not in a record store… more like an adult video store. Nice! Just as this is clicking in, he says to me, uh, this is not the store I thought it was… and we duck out. Needless to say I got to razz him the rest of the day about bringing a first date to a porn store. That’s all class.

BTW - we're not giving him a blog name just yet... lets see how it goes. For the moment he's dude.

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