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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Right to Live or Die

Have you heard about this?
This Terri Schiavo case burns me to no end. In an epic lineup of Right vs. Left, Pro-Life vs. Right-to-Die, this poor woman is the center of massive political maneuvering in Florida. In case you’ve been under a rock, here is a summary:
  • In 1990 Terri Schiavo, possibly due to an eating disorder, has a heart attack and suffers severe brain damage. According to court appointed doctors, she is in a persistent vegetative state and though has periods of wakefulness, is incapable of thought or emotion
  • Since 1998 Terri’s husband, Michael has been battling her parents Mr.&Mrs. Schindler over the right to remove life support (feeding tube – she breathes on her own)
  • The feeding tube was removed once before in Oct 2003 but the parents battled to have it restored (Governor Jeb Bush of Florida at one point enacted a law called “Terri’s Law” preventing them from pulling the tube but it was rejected by the courts.)
  • Friday, the state judge who has had the case since 1998, ordered the tube removed.
  • Monday, Congress convened to vote on Schiavo law, which orders the judgment stuck down and the feeding tube re-inserted. President Bush traveled from his ranch in Texas to Washington just to sign the law
    Today, Judge Wittemore, appointed to this case randomly by computer (was appointed judge by Clinton in ’99) did not order reinstatement of the tube, instead asking for time to review the case.
  • Today, Mr.&Mrs. Schindler’s lawyer (quoting Pope John Paul II who stated that Catholics cannot refuse food and water) commented that the order to remove the feeding tube forced Ms. Schiavo, a Catholic, to “disobey her church and jeopardize her eternal soul” by refusing food and water.

    In my humble opinion this entire situation is ridiculous. It has prompted thousands to complete living wills in case they should end up like Terri, hanging on in a lifeless state with no hope for recovery. The Right to Life people are eating this up like pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. You can’t tell me they won’t have the abortion debate front and center after this… it seems like exactly what Bush needed to appease the Right. I’ve got to say, if I ever end up in a persistent vegetative state or have no hope for full recovery, I do not want to be kept alive by any machines. Now how do I get one of those living wills?

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